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  1. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    He played the last ever closing though?

    And I’m sure he is well aware this club will never achieve what space did nor will it ever be as good.

    But since Space is now gone why would he go around saying Hi is s***? As the saying goes don’t bite the hand that feeds you! He probably just wants the residency again next year so wants to keep the people up top happy.
  2. likeathiefinthenight

    likeathiefinthenight Active Member

    I wasn't aware that he did mate but it's a long time since he was a regular at Space.

    Exactly, nostalgia doesn't pay the bills unfortunately.
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  3. soha

    soha Active Member

    I was really surprised to read that Shite from Steve Lawler, all the other hi DJs were obviously still positive about hi but at least admitted it was a big change and a tough start after space.

    Ilario Alicantes comments were spot on and if only more big DJs spoke out like this we might get a (small) change
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  4. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    You dont bite the hand that feeds you
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  5. soha

    soha Active Member

    Lol I know that, but all other hi DJs were much more subtle with there comments. But does Lawler genuinely believe hi is better than space in its first season.
  6. Where did you Ilario Alicantes and other Djs comments?
  7. soha

    soha Active Member

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  8. white_isle_calling

    white_isle_calling Well-Known Member

    I love Ilart even more after those comments. Bravo that man
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  9. Nostalgic

    Nostalgic Active Member

    Its good to see other djs step up and says things are getting way pricey and it needs a change. Paco Osuna, Leon, Ilario. Hats off to you.

    I agree about water being free but also understand clubs have to import X amount in. €2 would be cheap enough.
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  10. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    I never heard of him,but I like those comments..
  11. Kim Wrong Un

    Kim Wrong Un Active Member

    unfortunately, you'll rarely get a fully honest response from people who work in the industry - unless they're anonymous.
  12. ibizainside

    ibizainside Active Member

    Wasn't Steve Lawler referring to Space in the last 5 years though, which to be honest was nothing like it was in the lates 90s early 2000's..
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  13. That maybe true but Space over the last few years was still a much better club than Hi. Really don't see the reason why Lawler would mention Space, he must know this statement would p**s people off. the guys out of touch with clubbers. This VIP thing must have gone to his head after leaving sankeys.
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  14. white_isle_calling

    white_isle_calling Well-Known Member

    Bizarre really, given that he is hardly a VIP DJ.
    If Gerber had said it...
  15. Ferd

    Ferd Active Member

    Joris Voorn played a guest mix on Pete Tong's Essential Selection a few weeks a go.
    He briefly mentioned what he was up to in ibiza and said about his residency at Hi which he didn't say anything about. Then he said he played at Ants at Ushuaia a few nights which he DID say had some really good parties.

    Maybe i read too much into it but it appeared he purposely didnt want to say much about Hi. Sometimes silence says everything
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  16. greg1183

    greg1183 Member

    First summer without space and was very strange for me , didn't even put a step in pdb because of that ! Something was missing big time on the island this summer !Couldn t even think about going to Hi by knowing that I would be sad and couldn't enjoy it by seeing how they transformed one of my fav club of all the time

    Rest In Peace Space ✌
  17. johndiamond

    johndiamond Active Member

    I agree with dunmores comments that clubs full of olders and VIPs lack spark.
  18. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    whatever, among djs, i leave the place when taking the decks :D
    Hi in the dark early ,august all mates in room 1 with joris on decks, i was solo (following my ears & not crowd :rolleyes:)at Wild corner with House classics, & leave the place when it shut to attend the last 30mn of joris Set
    At ushauia closing 17 i left the place when joris took the decks, as more and pore people pushing & i dont like his music & had a party to attend at Heart Ibiza...

    space is over, wake up! :lol:
  19. Mr Brightside1978

    Mr Brightside1978 Active Member

    Lawler did play the closing plus a few dates over the last few years @ kehakuma + elrow. not that i’ve been to Hi but since 2005. I can count on 1 hand how many times i’ve really enjoyed Space going once per every visit
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