The building formerly known as Space --> HÏ Ibiza


All updates to be posted here... in the meantime, check this out:

i suppose you've all seen it by now but in case someone missed it...

'Pissenem will be taking over Space next summer. "It's a big responsibility," he says. "It's not going to be an EDM club" like Ushuaia, he insists, but he promises big changes. "We're going to transform the club for sure, because it's a new generation and a new era, no?" '



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Do you think Ushuaia will announce nights for the new venue earlier than the usual timeframe of March-June?


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Probably not a popular view on here, but I like Armin and I'm not that young either. He knows his trance and is dragging the EDM masses whether they like it or not into hearing some decent stuff. Sadly he also plays plenty of dross but he was actually very good at Brixton Academy earlier this year. Nowhere near as good than when he used to do Armada nights around 2004, but a class above many big names.


ah the new name has been around for a while but I'll let them announce it themselves
I saw on a comment on Instagram 'the new club Red bird'
It's rumoured to be called Ushuaia nights
I think out of curiosity I want to see what "Phoenix Nights" looks and feels like compared to Space


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the most important thing to me is that it would not turn in a EDM Nightclub !
a Steve AOKI Mainroom with a cake factory in the backrooms.... arrrghhh :(

let us seeee...


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I wish they would just knock the buildings down and extend the launderette next door. I'd be much happier then.


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Seems too sh!t to be true:lol:

the name I've heard (for a long while already) is actually no creative master stroke neither. but we'll find out soon whether they've stuck to that or changed their minds
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