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About this forum.

We at Ibiza Spotlight would like this forum to be a helpful, friendly and fun Ibiza website, where Ibiza-lovers from all over the world can chat, exchange tips and opinions and generally get excited about visiting the island. Many of our members have been coming to the island and to these forums for ten years and sometimes much, much longer - we've met and made so many friends through these forums over the years and sincerely hope you will to!

Please remember that this forum is a privately funded forum and is maintained solely at the discretion of Ibiza Spotlight S.L., who reserve the right to edit/delete posts.

Forum Etiquette

Behaviour towards other members.

No Racism, Sexism or Agression is tolerated on this board.

Please treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. This is a forum where everyone can participate. Discussions can get quite lively, but don't be offended, they are only opinions.

Please be aware of sarcasm and the intimidating effect it can have on new members. New members should be welcome all the time and it can be very off-putting for a new member when he/she is scared about posting because they are afraid of receiving an agressive or sarcastic response.

No conspiracy theories

Anyone spreading "alternative facts" will be warned and then banned. They are too contentious and cause too much friction. Ibiza and clubbing is about harmony, not dissent. There is no room for that in our forums.

No posts about how or where to get drugs.

I think the title says it all. Sensible discussion about the dangers of drug use and informational posts are ok. Any posts about how or where to get drugs will not be tolerated.

Choose the right forum to post in.

Please choose the right forum to post in. There is a Forum Guidelines post at the top of every forum - please read these before posting.

Please SEARCH the forums for answers before posting. Many of the obvious questions have already been answered.

No self-promotion or advertising.

Please do not post links to your own Ibiza or clubbing websites inviting traffic or feedback.

No self-promotion or advertising is allowed without the written permission of Ibiza Spotlight.

For advertising please contact clubbing (at) ibiza-spotlight.com.

Do not discuss Moderators or other members in public.

Discussions about Moderator actions should be directed by email to the moderator(s) in question, and not discussed in the public forums.

Please do not use the public forums to resolve any disputes with other members. If you do have a problem with another member, please resolve this via pm (private message), email or contact one of the Moderators.

Keep your language clean.

Please keep your language clean. This includes adding full stops or gaps or other punctuation to common swear words in order to beat the bad words filter. This applies to swearing and any form of sexual reference.

Don't use the forums to attack other people.

The forums can not be used as a platform from which to launch personal attacks on other people or companies. Any such discussion will be taken down immediately.

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