BORA BORA's last season.... end of an era!


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Some quiet cool German spotlight Send me the Link of 1h31 Bora Bora video oct 16th around 6pm
No ☠️!No PARTY!!! (Can sée myself filming up some girls shaking slapping their ass when seein they were filmed :spank:😆)
1h21:40 black girl in orange dress was my neighbor Along Vintage Closing AT Lio that was a great party..AT same Time the curly bloKe (talking to black Guy) that gonna gave me the Destino tox solomun private party sparkling yellow wristband 🙌 16hours later in Destino parking,Ibiza f***ing small WORLD


Is anyone on the island at Keep on Dancing tonight? I think I’ve mustered up enough energy to go out again after a full weekend of fun, but don’t want to go along if it’s empty 😂


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Think Fisher if he was Spanish and worse 😂
Enjoy 😉

Have to hear all Gun Club or Buzzcocks records 5 times in a row at this evening to repair the mental damage. Hope it helps.

Yeah , thats similar what you can hear in TV , if they show a DJ.
The worst thing are this fu... Ibiza Partys in some Bars , some Discos and other venues. Same Sound.
Same shi...
In reality : This is the sound of Ibiza very often. At all times. Even the times the people call the good old times.
The cool Ibiza is not everywhere on the island.
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IMPRO IBIZA 4th Anniversary | Saturday 12 November | From 15:00

Stefano Noferini
Tony Castello
Alex del Vecchio
+ more


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The Age Of Love Ibiza 1st Anniversary | Saturday 3 December | From 23:00

Ángel Linde
Dani Serra
Toni Clemente
Óscar Bolo
Noelia Méndez
Israel Salgado