1. wheresthe_lambsauce

    American's First Time Going (Solo, Too!)

    Hi all. Like the title says, I (27M) am planning a solo trip to Ibiza for later this year in anticipation that a) America gets its vaccination logistics worked out and b) Spain will allow American tourists, unrestricted. If that does not end up being the case, well, f***, I will save your...
  2. R

    Lovin Ibiza 2020

    Does anyone have any insight as to the likely dates for this festival this year, seems to normally be either be last weekend in April or first in May.... Any insight welcome as would like to get a group of people together for it! Cheers, Rich
  3. EveyT

    What's with all of the creeps?

    I don't know if I've just been fortunate enough to avoid creeps over the years but to me it seems the creep ratio has gone up in the clubs this year. You always get them but I've been told unsettling stories from female friends who have visited the island this year. 4 of my girl friends went...
  4. Ashwin

    First Time in IBIZA..What to do?

    Hi, I am a solo traveller and I am coming to Ibiza on the 29th May night and leaving on 1st June morning. So I have 2 full days to explore Ibiza (I know it's not enough). But I am confused about what to do in that 2 days. Can anyone please guide me about Boat party, Clubbing, Beaches to visit...
  5. charlotte130x

    Big Box Little Box

    We are out to Ibiza for 15th June for a family week away (my first non clubbing Ibiza experience). We have seen Big Box Little Box advertised on mondays at either Es Paradis or Eden every monday afternoon. Does anybody have any info as to what's going on with the event? Everything on their...
  6. extrasoul

    The best Ibiza club?

    What is your favorite club on Ibiza island? How about this one?
  7. F

    Partying in Ibiza with a GoPro

    Feedback welcome!
  8. M

    Clubbing - Minors

    Hello everyone ! I am going to apologize before I even put out the question because this has already been answerd a few time. But now back to my question. Me and 3 friends will be turning 18 soon and we wanted to plan our first Vacation to Ibiza in the summer next year. Now lets get to the...
  9. Mido

    Ibiza 1st of August to 8 solo

    From 1st of August to 8th of August staying at Playa Den Bossa , who's in ?
  10. Tedterry

    solo @ibiza from June 30th-3th July, new friends?

    hey guys, super fun easy going guy here(gay) and am gonna be at Ibiza by myself from fri(30th)-monday(3th), i stay at ibiza rock hotel, there s dope pool partys happening in my hotel and i plan join boat party on sat! so if u r solo(or not) gay(or not):P, interest join my plans just let m know...
  11. T

    Sharing VIP tables 29th June to 4th July

    Hola all. We are 4 (2 couples) looking for few more people to share VIP tables on different nights or all :) it's gonna be much better experience for all of us. We will be there from the 29th of June to 4th of July. So you have MTV presents chainsmokers @ ushuaia Afterlife privilige Pete...
  12. InlandNico

    Party with Nico

    Hey, I'm Nico, Let's meet up, party, catch some sun, and live it up. I have a pretty demanding job, so it's mandatory I unwind/decompress to the max. I'm laidback. Seriously. Down for almost anything. Almost. So, let's link up.
  13. D

    Ibiza Virgin with 2 nights in June...where to party

    Hello, a group of us (12 adults) will be heading to Ibiza June 17-19 to celebrate my wife's 40th and we are looking to experience "Ibiza". Looking to go clubbing Monday June 18. What are you suggestions? Currently deciding between Amnesia vs Pacha vs Ushuaia. Willing to pay for VIP tables...
  14. L

    Famous uk club nights past and present?

    now that Ibiza season coming to a end for this year, thought about clubs in uk past and present what club night or nightclub was really famous and any stories? Heard a lot about gatecrashers and fabric etc
  15. I

    *** Chopin Operation phase II - The Tax Agency is inspecting Ushuaïa and Pacha ***

    :oops: Officials of the Tax Agency (ATE) accompanied by agents of the National Police of Ibiza inspect this morning Ushuaïa in Platja d'en Bossa, and Pacha in Ibiza, as part of what appears to be the second part of the fiscal operation which began in early summer ... Also they are...
  16. L

    What has happened to uk clubs and club scene

    I know festivals and cheap holidays and people might not have enough money these days but is it because all this red tape and supermarket deals
  17. L

    Ibiza vs Las Vegas

    So thought about it last year and was talking to a girl in amnesia last year she said Las Vegas is better but I disagreed they may have a lot of money over there and can bring in huge commercial dj's but will never have the crowds or atmosphere or culture Ibiza has. Fair enough if your into...
  18. S

    A whole load of info about Ibiza

    100 facts, to be precise. Pretty sad I never went to a Manumission night, which I'd never heard of until this post and a bit of googling tells me they were epic.
  19. L

    Anyone know the track I.d for this played at Ushuaia

    I know the original is ultra Nate - free here is the link its on the Ibiza club news videos on there Facebook
  20. L

    Your opinion or review on Ushuaia?

    never went this year but went last year got the impression that it's constantly about money in there fair enough decent line ups and stuff but I got the impression it's about v.i.p and big spenders?