What has happened to uk clubs and club scene


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I know festivals and cheap holidays and people might not have enough money these days but is it because all this red tape and supermarket deals


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They dont want the gurners the wreckheads who enjoy letting loose anymore. 21st century stuff.

A good example, its like the football.

They dont want the working class swearing standing and singing in the game anymore its all about the upper class.

Which pisses me off as not everyone wants to spend their night in pop world


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Certainly more small festivals our way compared to the last 15 years- which is great, I'll be at one this weekend. However the weekly/monthly nights have decreased and the main clubbing club In our town closed (as well as the biggest cheese club).

I don't go out as often so it probably doesn't effect me as much. I believe the clubbing club has reopened but not with club nights like it had previously.

Many factors but I'm not sure the council/licensing people in our area are really one of then.


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It all stems from austerity policies from government surely. Every council has had funding slashed and needs to find money. easiest way is to sell a premium bit of real estate thats been leased off the 'owner'. In london this is happening absolutely everywhere nightclub or not.
i agree with building affordable housing but nothing ive seen is replacing these places with such.
I would keep an eye on Corsica Studios looking at whats happening in the arches in Brixton/London Bridge.

Egg club seems to keeps its head down but tbh its not a great vibe in there where as fabric if you turned up at 5am you knew crowd would be fine.

and also... all these 'secret location warehouse parties' is were its gona head but jesus some of em are sketchy as hell and no welfare provision at all.

I think one of the quotes from the meeting was ' 6.75 million people this past 17 years and delivers the equivalent of two Glastonbury festivals in a Central London location each year."
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apart from a handful corsica, dalston superstore, xoyo, the drop, (visions?), oval space (ugh!) pretty much every single one of the clubs I went to in London from 98-13 has now closed down The Key, Fabric, Turnmills, Subterranea, The Lodge, The Light (for loft parties upstairs), Plastic People, Sosho, T Bar, Loughborough Junction arches (did that even have a name?), Four Aces, Bar 54, Dance Tunnel, Bagleys/Canvas, Cable, Cross, The End, Melange, Herbal + quite a few others - or is a shit pale imitation on same site eg Plan B, Russian Bar, 333, Cargo, Dogstar, On The Rocks. I think in Shoreditch there's only the Jaguar basement left