1. chez

    Favourite nightclubs / venues (worldwide)

    What's peoples favourite clubbing spots home or away, former or present? for the club side although many worthy of a mention for the diversity in line ups, sound and general all round nightlife experience mine has to be a toss up between Smolna (Warsaw) and Tresor (Berlin) ..found both to be...
  2. L

    Ibiza business

    generally intrested in the business side of Ibiza and expacially the nightclub industry of Ibiza so anyone with information of any business or nightclub business news or history just explain or say down below.
  3. L

    iconic nightclubs of the past in uk

    What iconic nightclubs in the uk do you remember that are not there anymore? Seen a club called the syndicate in Blackpool on Facebook opened its doors in 2004 but closed reccently
  4. L

    Do you think legendary club nights will ever start in Ibiza again

    was thinking about my recent post about manumission and was also thinking about clockwork orange aswell do you think these legendary Ibiza club nights will ever happen again I was reading that Es para has'nt been as busy in recent years obviously you have space apparently moving to San an will...
  5. L

    Loudest or best system in Ibiza clubs

    juat wondering what your opinion is on this what's the loudest sound system or best system you've seen in Ibiza mines is probably 1 amnesia 2 space terrace 3 pacha main room
  6. L

    Famous uk club nights past and present?

    now that Ibiza season coming to a end for this year, thought about clubs in uk past and present what club night or nightclub was really famous and any stories? Heard a lot about gatecrashers and fabric etc
  7. L

    What has happened to uk clubs and club scene

    I know festivals and cheap holidays and people might not have enough money these days but is it because all this red tape and supermarket deals
  8. L

    Ibiza vs Las Vegas

    So thought about it last year and was talking to a girl in amnesia last year she said Las Vegas is better but I disagreed they may have a lot of money over there and can bring in huge commercial dj's but will never have the crowds or atmosphere or culture Ibiza has. Fair enough if your into...
  9. J

    solo Ibiza from 31st July - August 5th

    Hey guys what's going on?! so im going to Ibiza from July 31st to August 5th solo after doing a fair bit of Europe before hand, and looking to see who will be there?! I'm staying in playa den bossa at the hard rock hotel and I'm keen to get f***ed up and have a good time! I've got tickets...