Do you think legendary club nights will ever start in Ibiza again


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was thinking about my recent post about manumission and was also thinking about clockwork orange aswell do you think these legendary Ibiza club nights will ever happen again I was reading that Es para has'nt been as busy in recent years obviously you have space apparently moving to San an will Es para feel tempted to start clockwork orange again as competition with new space? Would also love to see manumission as I never got the chance too when it was in its hey day.
Namaste is right. I predict people are going to become increasingly secretive about where they go. small scale word of mouth events are the obvious way forward, as it used to be... I think everyone is now finally wise to what a nuisance the internet really is
Yep, I think you're right. By the time the internet has got hold of something, the damage has been done and that magic doesn't have long left.