1. ScorpioMan

    This Is My Deep House

    Hi Guys, During the 3rd lockdown, one thing remained a constant, and that was listening to music. Ever since my very first Ibiza trip, I have been addicted to house music. Mainly Deep House, but will still always have an appreciation for Tech, Progressive & Trance. I started a YouTube channel...
  2. R

    80's KU Posters

    For anyone interested in buying or just looking at some classic KU posters from the 80's: https://www.ibizakuposters.com/
  3. L

    What is the biggest yacht you have seen in Ibiza and do you know who it’s owned by?

    Think it’s a interesting topic to ask other people on here, the biggest yacht I have seen was roman abramovich’s yacht but also seen another yacht owned by a Russian. So what is the biggest yacht you’ve seen in Ibiza? who owns it? Have you ever been aboard a superyacht in Ibiza?
  4. S

    Closing accommodations?

    Hi. We are a group of 3 friends that will travel between October 6 and 9 to Ibiza. We wonder where it would be better to stay if there is still an atmosphere and there is an offer of terraces, bars and restaurants still open, Ibiza Town or Playa de n’Bossa? Our idea is to go on Sunday to...
  5. JonathanIbiza

    Solo Traveler 23rd - 27th Sept

    Hi Guys, I'll potentially be travelling to Ibiza for the first time solo between 23rd - 27th September. It would be nice to meet other people who know or would like to discover where all the best spots are for daytime activities and nightlife. Drop me a message if interested. Thanks, Jonathan
  6. B

    Ibiza Virgin!

    Hi everyone, Never been to Ibiza before and have booked to go for next year's closings. I know it's far in advance but I cannot afford to go this year sadly, so I have had to compromise and book to go next year. I am a bit worried for the dates I have selected. I am going 26/09/2020 -...
  7. J.B1993

    Group of 5 in Ibiza 3-8th August

    Hi Group of 5 here landing Ibiza 3rd-8th August doing a event everyday some day & night ones of you want to know more feel free to message me hopefully we can meet up and have a good party!
  8. steve11

    Return to San Antonio (18 Jun - 10 Aug) + (4th - 14th Sep) + (tba)

    Hi all, Just quit my job to do this, arriving in San Antonio this week for most of the summer. Worked a summer as PR here a few years back and have been longing to come back ever since. Handed in my notice 2 weeks ago and flights now booked! Would be good to connect with similar, easy-going...
  9. S

    A little help with Moving to Ibiza

    Hey All... I have been offered a position in a Hotel I am familiar with so need to get my NIE sorted as soon as possible... In layman’s terms other than my NIE what else will I need to start the job, the Hotel provides accommodation, so more paper work and bank account advise really? The...
  10. R

    Vintage KU IBIZA posters

    Hello Would anyone be interested in original KU posters from the 80's? (Most by Yves Uro) The posters are from my dad's personal collection, he lived in Ibiza for 10 years and worked at KU in the late 80's. He has kept the posters flat for 33 years and most are in a very good condition! I...
  11. cdlnibiza

    Sales Promoter CDLN IS HIRING

    CDLN offers various jobs in Ibiza 2019 - also positions, which include a fix payment and an accommodation provided. We are primarily looking for sales promoters, but also offer internships and combined jobs* in the following areas: Direct Sales / Marketing & Promotion Photo & Videography Bar /...
  12. L

    Amnesia Ibiza for sale?

    Don’t know if reccently seen Ibiza club news status or Instagram post but they are rumours of amnesia going on the market and sold to the highest bidder. Has anyone heard of this rumour if it true or not?
  13. L

    In your opinion what club has got the best lighting system?

    in your opinion what’s the best lighting system you’ve seen in one of the many super clubs in Ibiza? Personally I like amnesia main room and obviously “hi” main room.
  14. L

    In your opinion would you say Ibiza isn’t a money making machine?

    reccently came back from Ibiza had a interesting conversation with a local taxi driver about Ibiza. He was claiming that Ibiza is a money making machine these days (only in the warm season) he also said he likes it the way it is obviously because he’s making a killing from working. A lot of...
  15. Erika Hosking

    Solo Traveler Sept 18-21

    Solo female traveler looking to see if anyone wants to meet up for David Guerra Thursday 20th? Formentera the 19th or 20th? Let me know if anyone is down to meet up in Playa de’n Bossa!
  16. B

    Hair and make up

    Going to ibiza next week for a wedding and the other half is in a panic because she cant find anywhere that will do hair and make up on day of the wedding. Any recommendations or suggestions would be welcome
  17. William2021

    Ibiza - Works of Arts

    One of the attactions in Ibiza are the incredible works of art that can be found around the island. Here are photos I took earlier this month in San An. There is a lot of serious talent in Ibiza. Full praise to all of them. Spray paintings every night in San An. Incredible...
  18. Deeps

    Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel

    Is anyone staying at Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel between August 25-31?
  19. ziddyzid

    Trip Advice

    Will be visiting the island for the first time with two girlfriends from 25/9/18 to 28/9/18. We know its a short time so what do you think would be the best parties/events to go to during that time? Are there any promoters or reps on here we should be looking for? Any help at all would be...
  20. Deeps

    Aug 26-30 Ushuaia Meetup

    Hi, I'm travelling to Ibiza with my friend from August 26-30 and will be staying at Ushuaia. My first trip was ages back when I was in Uni. So guess this will be a different trip. Could someone guide me with eth Dos and Don'ts please? If anyone is around the same time, do let me know such that...