What is the biggest yacht you have seen in Ibiza and do you know who it’s owned by?


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Think it’s a interesting topic to ask other people on here, the biggest yacht I have seen was roman abramovich’s yacht but also seen another yacht owned by a Russian.

So what is the biggest yacht you’ve seen in Ibiza? who owns it? Have you ever been aboard a superyacht in Ibiza?
Saw the Maltese Falcon sailing yacht, whilst on an Es Vedra boat trip in June/July 2018. She was just off Cala Conta at the time.

I have never been onboard a superyacht. I see dozens of billionaire boats each winter where I live, but Oprah has enough pool boys, guess... no I am never invited. My favorite boat in Ibiza was a 50-60 ft motor yacht "Neoprene". Its decked out in some rubber-looking matte black coating. It looks like something a Bond-villan would escape on.

(Edit: Neoprene is 108ft) o_O Looked smaller in Ibiza Harbor. :confused:
We saw a massive yacht harboured up in Ibiza Town in 2018, was dark blue in colour. Was the night they have a big firework party.

It was massive and looked really blingy. We spent a good 20 minutes gawping at it.

Saying that, I was off my nut on 2c-b so it could of been a bloody pedal boat for all I know.

I think my missus took some pics I’ll see if I can get them ? ?
Where are you from mate? Think seeing that yacht I seen is the closest I’ve seen to a billionaire, Mykonos is popular for elite Russians also apprently got a good clubbing scene also, reccently read a Financial Times newspaper it said that Ibiza is highly attractive to the elite because it allows bigger super yachts than the average port in other country’s
[/QUOTE No time for it myself, rich posers don't float my boat?‍♂️
Just got our lass to WhatsApp me these pics (I’m working away)

She is now very suspicious and probably thinks I’m setting up a Tinder profile on the side or something. Or I’m just a closet boat geek.

Apologies, not the best pics but my eyes weren’t working too well that night ?

*mode vieux con on*

Am I the only one who really don't care (and don't like) everything about super yacht, super car and super house in ibiza, and who's thinking that all this shit has nothing to do with the real ibiza spirit?

*mode vieux con off*
Its not about the $, its the design. Some of the boats (not all) are well designed and impressive. Some people like a well crafted shoe, car, motorcycle... (bum). Others like boats. I am not a fan of the "battleship" look myself. I like curves, not angles.

I dont come to IBZ for boats. Craig had the correct emoji for that earlier today, btw. :lol::twisted::lol:
There was one last September called Queen Miri. Ridiculous. Looked it up and it’s owned by Sheldon Gary Adelson, who’s the guy behind Sands casinos apparently worth $36bn

300ft, worth $70m and used to charter for $2m pw.

Queen Miri

As I said - it was ridiculous.
My friend here worked as an engineer on Bloomberg's yacht for nearly 10yrs.going from cape cod to Manhattan and down to fort Lauderdale for it to be cleaned.?. it's hired out by a young Russian oil billionaire every summer they go around the med for 5 weeks island hopping.., it's was an old boat and was taken off the water 2 years ago for not being sea Worthy...