Ibiza business


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generally intrested in the business side of Ibiza and expacially the nightclub industry of Ibiza so anyone with information of any business or nightclub business news or history just explain or say down below.


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Every club is different, but in Ibiza it's the manager. He has a string of homeboys dealing the pucker Es to the party people in the club. He makes the most coin out of this enterprise. His homies will make just a couple of quid on each pucker. His homies are also scoping for other dealers on the block. Where the homies have an illegitimate pucker E dealer in their website they tell the bouncers. The bouncers grip him, nab his stash and kick him out with a physical warning. They give the pucker Es to their homies and they sell it on to the kids in the club. What's your name? What have you had? Reach for the lazers. Safe as fcuk.