1. Jumpo

    Set times 2019 - post here anything you've seen

    Hope such thread does not yet exist. Would be good to know the set times of the parties before you get there (although I understand that it is not always in the club's interest) Let's help each other plan their day&nites by posting here what we see on web, forums or even in the club once you...
  2. P

    Ibiza Club Art Print

    Hello all My name is Peter, I'm an artist based in London. I'm sharing a link below to a new print I've released of a collage made using vintage Ibiza club posters, stickers and ephemera. All the materials used are from 2002-2016. I can supply a full list of clubs/DJs if anyone is interested...
  3. Kay84

    Ibiza July 2018

    Hey all and hope everyone had a good time last summer in Ibiza! So question is... Whose going this summer? I am contemplating going in July... I look forward to hearing from you all
  4. M

    Clubbing - Minors

    Hello everyone ! I am going to apologize before I even put out the question because this has already been answerd a few time. But now back to my question. Me and 3 friends will be turning 18 soon and we wanted to plan our first Vacation to Ibiza in the summer next year. Now lets get to the...
  5. portugueseboy

    9 to 13th august! Two brothers in Ibiza

    Hi people! We are two brothers from Portugal, looking to meet some new people to go out at night and just have some fun. We're staying at palmyra hotel in San Antonio! Cheers
  6. N

    Ibiza Solo - July 10th to 15th

    Hii I will be in Ibiza from July 10th to 15th. Looking for fun people that want to meet up during that time. I am an easy going dude that loves to meet new people and enjoy life. Nathan
  7. InlandNico

    Party with Nico

    Hey, I'm Nico, Let's meet up, party, catch some sun, and live it up. I have a pretty demanding job, so it's mandatory I unwind/decompress to the max. I'm laidback. Seriously. Down for almost anything. Almost. So, let's link up.
  8. EveyT

    Wouldn't the clubs make more money if the drinks were cheaper?

    What it says on the tin ^. I'm interested to hear others thoughts on this. Surely if the prices were actually reasonable people would drink more in the clubs and they would get a higher profit. Yes, still have your 3000 euro bottles of champagne for the silly money folk but the rest of us plebs...
  9. L

    Ibiza business

    generally intrested in the business side of Ibiza and expacially the nightclub industry of Ibiza so anyone with information of any business or nightclub business news or history just explain or say down below.
  10. L

    Memories of early 2000's in ibiza

    whats your memories of Ibiza in the early 2000's
  11. L

    Loudest or best system in Ibiza clubs

    juat wondering what your opinion is on this what's the loudest sound system or best system you've seen in Ibiza mines is probably 1 amnesia 2 space terrace 3 pacha main room
  12. L

    What has happened to uk clubs and club scene

    I know festivals and cheap holidays and people might not have enough money these days but is it because all this red tape and supermarket deals
  13. L

    Lighting system and sound system

    hello just couple question was recently in amnesia Ibiza could'nt help but notice the light system c02 cannons etc how much is the light system worth estimated? The sound system is probably the most popular loudest sound system I've ever heard I got told they are custom built the ones on the...
  14. AAMER

    9 to 14 July in abiza alone

    Hi I am 34 m going to ibiza from 9 to 14 July in new algrab hotel with rent car Any one or group wanna have fun together Resturant, bar, club Don't be shy to contact me
  15. J

    solo Ibiza from 31st July - August 5th

    Hey guys what's going on?! so im going to Ibiza from July 31st to August 5th solo after doing a fair bit of Europe before hand, and looking to see who will be there?! I'm staying in playa den bossa at the hard rock hotel and I'm keen to get f***ed up and have a good time! I've got tickets...
  16. A

    In Ibiza 25th -27th may

    hello everyone , Any one out tonight 25th may? Me and my friend are heading into cafe mambo tonight to have a few drinks and see where the night takes us, We are 27 and 29 years old, looking to party and meet new people ! We both from uk- London! Feel free to to join us !! :) A X
  17. M

    Sales Promoter job at Oceanbeat: Free entrance to clubs and accommodation

    *** NEW SUMMER JOB FOR IBIZA 2016*** OCEANBEAT is looking for highly motivated sales promoters from May-October in Ibiza 2016! Ready for a memorable experience in your life? OCEANBEAT IBIZA offers all-inclusive packages for a competitive price to the tourist market! We offer the...
  18. ibizamemories

    Professional dancers - a question:

    If you dance professionally for a living in the major nightclubs (as in, not strippers), are you affiliated with one club or one regular event for a whole season or do you get work from night to night wherever you are offered. Put another way, could you work at Amnesia, Pacha and Space in a...