Big Box Little Box


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We are out to Ibiza for 15th June for a family week away (my first non clubbing Ibiza experience).
We have seen Big Box Little Box advertised on mondays at either Es Paradis or Eden every monday afternoon.

Does anybody have any info as to what's going on with the event? Everything on their website is saying delayed. Delayed opening/tickets etc..

Would love to take my 4 year old for his first Ibiza clubbing experience - whilst also throwing some shapes my self, of course. A bit reluctant to look at buying tickets until more info is out.

Thank you! :)


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talked some about it here:

We are in the same boat, and we will be there starting June 18. One of mine is turning 5 during the trip.

Mi familia will likely skip Big/Little Box and instead drag'em to afternoon/evening at Woomoon if they stay kid-friendly (early) and Las Dalias . Not a good sign if there is still no info out or confirmed location and its set to start in about 3-4 weeks :oops:.


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It was actually that thread where I learnt about it a few weeks ago. I'm into anything Old skool rave wise. If I could take my 4 year old to watch Rob Tissera I would be the happiest person ever haha. Will look into alternatives if not. We love Sa Trinxa so will head over there at some point with him. Nope, not looking positive.


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I just cant see BBLB happening. Too many events at Eden and EP get cancelled during the season there, and I would imagine the demand for this to be economical is not there. But who knows