1. North

    Religion - Eden - Terry Francis

    Hi, I wonder what people think about this night, Fri 1 Jun. Could Terry Francis, the man behind the awesome ‘98 mix “Architecture” , pull a crowd?
  2. charlotte130x

    Big Box Little Box

    We are out to Ibiza for 15th June for a family week away (my first non clubbing Ibiza experience). We have seen Big Box Little Box advertised on mondays at either Es Paradis or Eden every monday afternoon. Does anybody have any info as to what's going on with the event? Everything on their...
  3. Lumpy.Monkey

    Ibiza's Best SoundSystems

    For those who might be interested in where that thumping big sound comes from, there's a new article from the good folks over at MixMag explaining how the biggest clubs are rigged. http://mixmag.net/feature/ibizas-best-soundsystems
  4. Lumpy.Monkey

    Where to eat before Eden ?

    Heading to Defected @ Eden on Sun 17 Sep. We're travelling up from Figueretas so would like to eat in SanAn for a change beforehand. Need good quality food & good music. We'd planned on skipping sunset so arriving maybe 22:30-23:00 I'm thinking Café Mambo? Any other suggestions from the...