es paradis

  1. M

    Neon Party Es Paradis

    Any Reviews for the above? How long does it last? Does it get busy? What type of people generally go?
  2. charlotte130x

    Big Box Little Box

    We are out to Ibiza for 15th June for a family week away (my first non clubbing Ibiza experience). We have seen Big Box Little Box advertised on mondays at either Es Paradis or Eden every monday afternoon. Does anybody have any info as to what's going on with the event? Everything on their...
  3. CasaNegron

    40th Anniversary of the water party

    True story... went to this event in 2003 in only a sarong and was turned away at the door (Ended up getting drunk in WE wearing sarong). I had heard about people dancing naked there (seen pictures) at this party and got a bit ahead of myself :lol:. I was young, single and buck horny at the time...
  4. C

    Es Paradis - 25 Years of Drum and Bass (Fabio & Grooverider)

    Hi all Has anyone been to one of these nights yet? I'd like to go to the one at the end of August but I'm not picking up any noise about the first two in June/July. Guessing they are not busy. Would be great to get some feedback if you have it. Thanks
  5. L

    What was your best memories or favourite club nights at Es paradis?

    what was your best memories or nights at the legendary club I see classic dj's such as tall Paul and others headline there when I look back into older times
  6. P

    First Time in Ibiza - Dress Code

    Hi, First time visiting Ibiza this weekend. Have already booked one night at Es Paradis(Fiesta Del Agua) and another night at Amnesia(Paris Hilton, Foam and Diamonds) From what I understand there is no specific dress code. But does it mean can go with just shorts,Tshirt and flipflops like we...