1. Loveibizatrance1

    How had the Internet affected in Ibiza was it better before the Internet or better with it

    seen a interesting status on Facebook from Gareth emery today he was talking about how he is going to stop using the Internet and social media and live like what it was like in the 90's where the dj scene never had the likes of soundcloud YouTube etc I seen on another thread someone speaking...
  2. Loveibizatrance1

    Why does Ibiza not have after partys or after hours anymore

    i use to get told story's when people would come out amnesia and go to space in the morning and spend all day in space then on to the next club why did they stop this? When I was there this week a taxi driver mentioned they still do them but call it a birthday party because it's a legal loophole
  3. Loveibizatrance1

    What was manumission like in the glory days?

    just back from Ibiza heard a lot of crazy stories about manumission over the years ever been to the night because it's no longer running and I'm 20 so was too young to go and experience it what's your crazy stories or best memories from this night?
  4. _stella_

    1st Time in Ibiza - Straight from Airport to Space @ Dawn...

    Hey! Its my first time and I'm coming at an awkward time so a few questions haha... My plane arrives at 2am on the 8th (Monday) and I was wondering if there is still a bus to Playa D'en Bossa or only taxis at this time and if you know how much that would be to go to Space (or if I should book...
  5. white_isle_calling

    Short Break, first trip of 2016

    Ok, so here it is. Apologies for the delay! Been back a week yesterday (the first 4 days were spent recovering). To set the scene this was my cousin's stag-do. Originally I hadn't planned on going as I knew I'd have only just returned home from travelling. However, one of the group dropped-out...
  6. Andrew Robinson

    Solo Traveller in San Antonio, 11th - 18th June

    I'm currently in Ibiza, from Newcastle, and I'm interested in seeing Carl Cox's opening party (Tuesday 14th June), watching a few Euro 2016 games, and also interested in exploring other towns, such as Playa D'En Bossa and Ibiza Town. Mainly going to be in San Antonio, since my accommodation is...