How had the Internet affected in Ibiza was it better before the Internet or better with it


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seen a interesting status on Facebook from Gareth emery today he was talking about how he is going to stop using the Internet and social media and live like what it was like in the 90's where the dj scene never had the likes of soundcloud YouTube etc I seen on another thread someone speaking about the hype around tracks like cafe del mar and nalin and Kane beachball back in the 90's before the internet


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Gaz loves doing things like this for attention.
Nothing will change, just a publicity stunt.

The internet has simply made Ibiza more accessible to the masses.


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Even just five years ago on my first visit to Ibiza, I went the whole week without Internet access -- no wifi in the hotel, and no data access on my mobile (since data roaming from the U.S. was ridiculously expensive). There was a lot of upside -- I was totally immersed in Ibiza and the moment, with no temptation to check on Facebook or even think about the goings-on in the rest of the world.

But having things like Facebook and Snapchat has made it so much easier to connect and catch up with new friends on the island, something that really didn't happen the same way on that first trip. The people I've met have become the best part of my more recent trips, and I can't see wanting to give that up for anything.