Ibiza Virgin with 2 nights in June...where to party


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Hello, a group of us (12 adults) will be heading to Ibiza June 17-19 to celebrate my wife's 40th and we are looking to experience "Ibiza". Looking to go clubbing Monday June 18. What are you suggestions? Currently deciding between Amnesia vs Pacha vs Ushuaia. Willing to pay for VIP tables.

Is it better to book directly with the club or go through a concierge/tour company? Looking for any tips or advice.



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june 18 would be sunday night?
or are you actually referring to monday which is the 19th?

for vip tables it depends a little on the venue and the night.


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You are right, June 19th (monday was the date).

I prefer Hip/Hop and R&B...haha...but I am totally down for Trance or House...We are from California so probably more mainstream EDM...

since we have very limited time, I was thinking of experiencing one of the mega clubs, regardless of the music selection. Is that a good thought?

Dirk Bigler

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Davis Guetta at Ushuaia would probably work for you. Early evening and you can do that VIP thing if you wish.