*** Chopin Operation phase II - The Tax Agency is inspecting Ushuaïa and Pacha ***


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Seen on Facebook today Ibiza clubs raided again only know it's pacha and Ushuaia for now but not sure about amnesia, privilege, space etc



The Pacha Group today sent a brief statement which ensures that it meets "all legal and tax requirements".

The company has responded to the record that was carried out this morning by officers of Customs Tax Agency (ATE) and the National Police in the offices of the club, located in the Vuit d'Agost Avenue with mark the Chopin II operation against tax fraud.

"The company has always cooperated with the authorities and offer all necessary assistance to facilitate their work", the statement of the business group.

As part of the Chopin II operations have also made this morning in the hotel records show Ushuaïa, Platja d'en Bossa, in the headquarters of Grupo Empresas Matutes in Bartomeu Rosselló avenue. So far, from the business group they have not made statements.

The Chopin II operation is the continuity of the Chopin macroperación tax fraud in the nightlife sector deployed by the Tax Agency, which developed in early summer in different parts of Spain and which also affected the Ibizan nightclubs Space and Privilege .

This is an administrative action so arrests are discarded. In a video sent by the Tax Agency, you can see the cash counting agents, although not reported on what property is.

As it reported IB3, a total of 40 agents of Finance, among inspectors, software agents and Customs personnel records held this morning, with the support of a dozen agents of the National Police.

The landing at both clubs was early in the morning at 6.30 hours in Pacha and at 8.00 in Ushuaïa, and inside told agents cash and seized accounting information.



Empresas Matutes also ensures to meet all their tax obligations

Grupo Empresas Matutes announced today that it has collaborated "from the outset" in the records that have been carried out at the headquarters of its offices in Ibiza and Ibiza Beach Hotel Ushuaïa.
"Never in the 40 year life of this company, have been the subject of a case of tax fraud by the competent authorities", he has defended the business group.

Also, Grupo Empresas Matutes assured that meets all "duties and fiscal obligations." "We understand that the protocol was carried out in the framework of the research concerns the nightlife in Spain sector, which has led to the registration of our offices, is the usual in an operation of this nature," says the business group.



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of course everything is in order, you'd have to be really daft to be caught after being warned by the amnesia raid months ago.
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What genius at the Spanish tax authorities has suddenly figured out that nightclubs might be involved in illegal activity and perhaps not paying enough tax? No wonder their economy is so fragile


of course everything is in order, you'd have to be really daft to be caught after being warned by the amnesia raid months ago
different stories though... amnesia was raided following a formal complaint by an ex-worker and not as part of the "chopin operation"!

i bet space, privilege, pacha and ushuaïa were not expecting a nationwide operation of that magnitude...



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There were loads of police and a news camera crew outside Ushuaia yesterday morning, I wondered what it was all about