1. NeelB14

    Solo traveler - July 16-22 (San Antonio)

    Heyyy I am traveling solo to Ibiza to indulge in crazy nightlife & visit beautiful beaches! Going to Elrow Amnesia (Sat), Ben Bohmer at Cova Santa (Mon), Elrow Ushuaia (Wed)... Any of you going to these? Would love to meet up... I'm a 29 yr old from Canada :)
  2. Deeps

    July 12-16 (staying in Ushuaia) anyone???

    Anyone staying in Ushuaia between July 12-16?
  3. AndyW95

    Solo 30th September - 4th October

    I'll be heading to san antonio solo on 30th September till 4th October. I'm 25yrs old from England. I was meant to be going with a friend but he couldn't get a passport in time. I didn't want to miss out this year so I've gone ahead and booked my second solo trip. Open to table sharing...
  4. Deeps

    Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel

    Is anyone staying at Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel between August 25-31?
  5. Deeps

    Aug 26-30 Ushuaia Meetup

    Hi, I'm travelling to Ibiza with my friend from August 26-30 and will be staying at Ushuaia. My first trip was ages back when I was in Uni. So guess this will be a different trip. Could someone guide me with eth Dos and Don'ts please? If anyone is around the same time, do let me know such that...
  6. _Alex_

    Solo traveler from 7 - 13 July :D

    Hi guys! I am super pumped to be in Ibiza again for an amazing time. This time I am solo travelling and would love to catch up. Staying from 7 - 13 July at Ushuaia :D Best wishes and have a blast! Alex
  7. Kay84

    Elrow at Ushuaia

    anyone going elrow on july 18th?
  8. Tasha

    Ushuaia Opening 2018

    when is it and who is going. I need any London or Bristol people to come with. I’ve been every year since it opened this year all my friends are skint.
  9. little_minx

    Tomorrowland presents Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike @ USHUAÏA 2018

  10. M

    Clubbing - Minors

    Hello everyone ! I am going to apologize before I even put out the question because this has already been answerd a few time. But now back to my question. Me and 3 friends will be turning 18 soon and we wanted to plan our first Vacation to Ibiza in the summer next year. Now lets get to the...
  11. Lumpy.Monkey

    Ibiza's Best SoundSystems

    For those who might be interested in where that thumping big sound comes from, there's a new article from the good folks over at MixMag explaining how the biggest clubs are rigged.
  12. Stephan P.

    BIG by David Guetta - when to go?

    Hi together, Party is from 5pm-midnight. Should we go early or does the party start later? Party looks madly full! Can you even get drinks etc or do you stand till the end? We baught tickets for the closing party today (28.08) of BIG by David Guetta. Thanks in advance!
  13. Mido

    Ibiza 1st of August to 8 solo

    From 1st of August to 8th of August staying at Playa Den Bossa , who's in ?
  14. Mido

    Garden of madness 1st August

    Going to Ushuaïa on the 1st of August The Garden Of Madness who's in ?
  15. L

    No tickets available for ANTS @ Ushuaia - July 29th

    There are no tickets available for ANTS @ USHUIA - July 29th, is this because the event is sold out or will there be tickets available to purchase in Ibiza? The next date to purchase tickets for Ants at Ushuaia is August.
  16. Mido

    Ibiza solo first week of August

    Hello, I'm going to be in ibiza- playa den bossa close to ushuaïa on the first week of August , already booked a place for 2 persons but I'll be alone there anyone wants to join, just let me know
  17. L

    Really needing this track I.d can't stop thinking about it

    does anyone know the mix of snap - the power Andrea Oliva plays at ants ushuaia?
  18. I

    *** Chopin Operation phase II - The Tax Agency is inspecting Ushuaïa and Pacha ***

    :oops: Officials of the Tax Agency (ATE) accompanied by agents of the National Police of Ibiza inspect this morning Ushuaïa in Platja d'en Bossa, and Pacha in Ibiza, as part of what appears to be the second part of the fiscal operation which began in early summer ... Also they are...
  19. L

    Anyone know the track I.d for this played at Ushuaia

    I know the original is ultra Nate - free here is the link its on the Ibiza club news videos on there Facebook
  20. L

    Your opinion or review on Ushuaia?

    never went this year but went last year got the impression that it's constantly about money in there fair enough decent line ups and stuff but I got the impression it's about v.i.p and big spenders?