Elrow at Ushuaia

I saw a comment on Facebook about this, and someone wrote along the lines that Elrow was circ du soleil for people with no attention span that were into EDM 6 months ago! Made me laugh!

Its a good party no doubt, but it has changed a lot since it started out, gone from a very Spanish party, to a very English (Essex) party!
gutted to miss this party by 2 days...i won't miss their after party at closing ,this time, as i miss this one at Benimussa ibz17, because of a mate dragging me for black coffee private afterparty, i should told them im not in as my name was not on the list but i thought if 3 names (they were not on the list of the Martinez bros as supposed :D :p) on a list they won't see the 4th name :rolleyes:, they needed a free driver but ill ask to be on the list or no free rides ibz 18
55€ without early bird tix :confused: