1. RBrown136

    Solo Travel September 8 to 13 - Suggestions

    Hi All! Very excited to be traveling to Ibiza soon! I will be in town from September 8th to the 13th and had a few things planned but would appreciate some suggestions. I would like some suggestions on boat parties, cave parties, and some other must-dos! Here is what I have planned for...
  2. Mowf

    Timing advice :)

    first time (as adults) to Ibiza on 13th June, got tickets for F##K Me I’m Famous @ Pacha, it says 8:30 start time, is this correct as I always thought lost clubs didn’t get going till 11-12? Any help appreciated cheers.
  3. Kay84

    Elrow at Ushuaia

    anyone going elrow on july 18th?
  4. Mowf

    F##k Me I’m famous lineup?

    Hey guys, booked a couple of Tickets for F##k me I’m famous, anyone ideas of sort of lineups? And is it DJ sets usually or performances? And what music is it usually as seeing a lot of hate for EDM? Cheers :) so happy Easter.
  5. J

    Ibiza April 2018 - Advice please

    Hi If anyone has time I'm after some advice on Ibiza this April please. We have a group of 7 of us coming to spend 4 days/nights in Ibiza from 19th until 23rd April and are looking for some suggestions for things to do, places to go, places to eat and suggestions for where would have the best...
  6. little_minx

    [OPENING] - 20 may > 25 mai

    Hi guyz & girls :rolleyes: What will be the opening parties for the week of May 20-25 ? Destino i think is dead.... Ushuaia also......Ahhhhhhhhh nooo ANTS may 26 :( No Beach club ...Noooooooooooooooooooo ! Perhaps.... Party @amnesia OR Blue Marlin ? Circoloco is OK :) Opening may 21 :) Thx...
  7. C

    Solomun and Jamie Jones and Black Coffee resident djs at XS in Las Vegas this year...

    Don't know how many dates they are playing but happy to see them added as residents in 2018 close by as I'm in LA. http://edmlife.com/solomun-and-jamie-jones-added-as-surprise-resident-for-2018-at-xs-las-vegas/ the Vegas vs. Ibiza discussion, while beat to death with nothing new to offer IMO...
  8. Angelbyday

    Best place to stay for family Easter 2018?

    Hi there, my hubby is taking me and the baby (she will be 1) to Ibiza for Easter next year (its my birthday), can anyone recommend the best place to stay for a family? We will hire a car while we are there... also looking for recommendations for places to explore. Many thanks