Solomun and Jamie Jones and Black Coffee resident djs at XS in Las Vegas this year...

Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by Cool1g, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Cool1g

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  2. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    I hope they both stay there. No way back now...$$$$$ :lol: one is shit the other becoming more shitty every day..
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  3. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    Very interesting news. Wynn Las Vegas announces 2018 residencies for Solomun, Jamie Jones, and Black Coffee. Understanding it is unlikely this will really impact their summer residencies in Ibiza, it is still a massive movement for Las Vegas. This way tried in a similar capacity once before at SLS Vegas when it was brand new and failed miserably with names like Loco Dice, Claude Von Stroke, and a few others i am forgetting. It seems the wave is much more ready to ride in Vegas for tech house now than it was back then so I would consider it a great move for them and also great for us in the States to have this options. Some of the Vegas clubs really are great and just put on awful music so this is a welcomed change. My guess is we will see a lot of the 3 of them in April, May, Oct, and Nov with limited appearances in the summer being their nights in Ibiza mainly run Jun - Sept.

    I for one am excited as someone who visits vegas 1-2 times a year and hasn't stepped foot in a nightclub there in years. Interested to hear others thoughts.
  4. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    Good news for those in the states in my opinion. I'm no big fan of JJ or Black Coffee and have even lost a little faith in Solomun as of late. Regardless of that, the 3 of them are such a massive upgrade from what is on offer regularly so I view it as very exciting and hope that it sticks.

    On another note, Solomun gunna be going after that Tiesto money, guessing he will be paid much much more than he does anywhere else but to be seen if he will have the same pull in Vegas. I still dont see the two as in competition when discussing Ibiza and Vegas, drastically different in both offer and distance, but certainly makes Vegas a nicer option with better music.
  5. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Keep.them their time is up....ibiza 18 will shake up more acts..going back to it roots as much as possible,braless women,woomooners,woomoon style partys for everyone no vips and no fckn afters.. every one in bed by 4am.. The deepmelodicorganic express wil well and truly arrive this year..:)
    Did someone say "Falafel"..​
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  6. Cool1g

    Cool1g Active Member

    Jamie did his Paradise party there for Halloween - which was on a weeknight as as I understand it did pretty well.

    hoping for more than just a small handful of dates and they are weekend shows not weeknights...
  7. CasaNegron

    CasaNegron Active Member

    Why stop there.....
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  8. StinTheBin

    StinTheBin Member

    A step in the right direction but it’s still Vegas.
  9. baseballman

    baseballman Member

    I think we'll see the term "resident" used loosely here. 2-3 dates max, and probably in April/May before the Ibiza season kicks into high gear.

    Great news for Americans like me, though Vegas comes with its own set of challenges. Tickets and drinks are expensive (like Ibiza) but there's also a "door policy" about dress, sometimes minimum spends, bottles, etc. In Ibiza, VIP culture exists - in Vegas, VIP culture is the only culture there is.

    Can't say I'm super surprised about any of these three DJs leading the way for tech house into Vegas. I've thought for a few years now that it's surprising there isn't a tad more diversity in the type of lineups they bring into Vegas clubs, since scenes are becoming more and more diverse in cities across the country.
  10. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Whats next Pete Tongs heritage orchestra b2b with Celine Dion..or would she have more class that that..
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  11. Kim Wrong Un

    Kim Wrong Un Active Member

    they're shit. save your money. expand your horizons. there's a whole world of musical delights beyond the billboards
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  12. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    That statement isn't accurate to the Vegas scene though, there isn't anything else and there isn't much to expand your horizons on there as this would be the expansion. I understand your point and would generally fully agree but when your options are Tiesto, Carnage, Chainsmokers, and Solomun/Black Coffee, who are you going to choose if you want a night out? It's not groundbreaking but its a nice step for vegas.
  13. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    If I go to Vegas I expect to be Blown Away and im not talking musically..;)
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  14. Kim Wrong Un

    Kim Wrong Un Active Member

    i've gone off black coffee a bit. some good tracks but he doesn't really build a set. no drama. See also Solomun. Tiesto's a joke and i've no idea who the others are.

    I'd probably end up going to some elvis tribute night on the 701st floor of a casino and trying to source some mescaline.

    now LA on the other hand, always has interesting stuff going on. Looking forward to returning there in May.
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  15. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    Fair enough and probably the better option and its fair to say all who have gone to Vegas have had some wacky nights like that. As far as clubbing is concerned though Vegas does have some top notch clubs with awful music so this is a welcomed announcement.
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  16. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    Respectfully disagree, I think you'll see at least 5-6 dates from them each as the residency is to be considered for all of 2018. There isn't a ton going on in April-May or late Oct-Dec so Solomun for example can knock off 2-3 events in one weeks time if you include all of Wynn's venues.

    I don't think Vegas is even as expensive as Ibiza is especially when you always lose a little because of the currency exchange from dollars to euro. You are right about the dress code as that will always exist in vegas but there is never a minimum spend or really any issue i've faced when purchasing a ticket for any club in vegas besides maybe waiting a half hour to get in and they've gone with the ticket model for years now. VIP culture will always be at the forefront in Vegas, just like anywhere else if you ignore it, you'll be fine.
  17. mr_why

    mr_why Well-Known Member

    I have a horrible feeling that we have lost Solomun... You could probably write the script for how this one is going to pan out of the next few years ...
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  18. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    I think we lost him last year..
  19. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    I'm not sure I agree and i have just had this conversation yesterday evening. It's a tricky line to toe in my opinion because even if he does blow up to Tiesto levels and sell out vegas clubs week over week, he would be looked at as a complete sell out and of course would fully cash in with it. So does he want to maintain his status as the king of the bouncy fun party tech house across the globe or fill his pockets and likely become more irrelevant everywhere else? Obviously i dont know Solomun personally but he seems to love Ibiza not that he cannot enjoy himself in Vegas and maybe you know something I dont but I dont see him parting ways with the Ibiza residency anytime soon.
  20. VIP culture is not a thing in Berlin!! It just doesn't go with the clubs or the culture.
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