1. E

    Elrow vs Masquerade ?

    Hi guys, going to Ibiza for the first time in the beginning of July. We plan on going to two clubs on two separate days , we definitely wanna go to David Guetta @ Hi on the 7th and then on the 8th debating between Elrow @ Amnesia and Masquerade @ Pacha . Could anyone reccomend either one or just...
  2. !van

    Win PACHA CLAPTONE guest list by voting for me

    While voting for me, you can help me to open CLAPTONE Masquerade PACHA closing party in October. Let me know you did vote and I will pick a number of voters for my guest list! Cheers Ivan Zonderdag If you like HOUSE, TECH HOUSE, CLUB HOUSE...
  3. FlatErik

    Help deciding club nights: Elrow, Paris by Night, Prydz.

    Looking for some help from experienced people: We go as a couple and like meeting new people. Elrow always gives us good vibes, because there are reasons to talk to eachother during the event, get to know people..because of all the crazyness. We usually end up with a ton of new party pals :)...
  4. diego gonzalez

    Del 17 al 20/6 en Ibiza

    Hola me vine solo y ya tengo las entradas para hoy 17 pacha y mañana 18 DC 10... Si alguien coincide seria genial
  5. Steven Cooper

    In Ibiza until Tuesday

    First time in Ibiza. I traveled here from NY with my friend from California and we’re looking for some cool people to meet/hangout and party with. Pretty much down to do anything around the island so send me a message!
  6. Mowf

    Timing advice :)

    first time (as adults) to Ibiza on 13th June, got tickets for F##K Me I’m Famous @ Pacha, it says 8:30 start time, is this correct as I always thought lost clubs didn’t get going till 11-12? Any help appreciated cheers.
  7. M

    Selling two August 5 Solomun + 1 tickets

    Bought tickets too early and now Bedouin got announced for the same day! Show is at Pacha on Sunday August 5. I have PDF tickets. I paid 62 euro each ($150 USD for the pair), willing to sell them for less, just want to get rid of them! Thank you!!
  8. Mowf

    F##k Me I’m famous lineup?

    Hey guys, booked a couple of Tickets for F##k me I’m famous, anyone ideas of sort of lineups? And is it DJ sets usually or performances? And what music is it usually as seeing a lot of hate for EDM? Cheers :) so happy Easter.
  9. G

    Pacha F##k me I'm famous 5th Oct, Es Cana 4th -11th

    Hey, is anyone going to this or anything between 4th -11th Oct and happen to be staying in Es Cana?
  10. S

    Ibiza long weekend 14-18 September

    Day 1 - 14/09/17 It's been sixteen years since my first trip to Ibiza, but the excitement when the plane approaches to land is still as great as it was in the early years - like a friend of mine said, it's like Christmas only without the family and kids :) This time I was careful to take a...
  11. L

    What kind of do equipment do the big clubs use?

    was having a look at some of the setups in clubs like amnesia pacha etc do they still use the pioneer 2000's or have the moved on to 3000's?
  12. M

    Clubbing - Minors

    Hello everyone ! I am going to apologize before I even put out the question because this has already been answerd a few time. But now back to my question. Me and 3 friends will be turning 18 soon and we wanted to plan our first Vacation to Ibiza in the summer next year. Now lets get to the...
  13. Lumpy.Monkey

    Ibiza's Best SoundSystems

    For those who might be interested in where that thumping big sound comes from, there's a new article from the good folks over at MixMag explaining how the biggest clubs are rigged.
  14. K

    VIP Tables at clubs

    Guys coming July 11-17 to celebrate a 40th birthday. We are partying one night off a night. Main clubs Privilege(carl cox), Pacha, Sankeys(tribal sessions) We have 20 people confirmed, and I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of VIP tables at each of these clubs. Full service VIP...
  15. William2021

    Pacha Video Tribute - Flower Power Night

    Here is a tribute I made for Pacha's incredible Flower Power night. It was like a time warp. Fantastic time. Everybody just went wild!!! .
  16. I

    *** Chopin Operation phase II - The Tax Agency is inspecting Ushuaïa and Pacha ***

    :oops: Officials of the Tax Agency (ATE) accompanied by agents of the National Police of Ibiza inspect this morning Ushuaïa in Platja d'en Bossa, and Pacha in Ibiza, as part of what appears to be the second part of the fiscal operation which began in early summer ... Also they are...
  17. edheywood

    Solomun at Pacha - 24th July 2016!!

    Hi everyone, we're planning on going for a cheeky weekend break to Ibiza and was wondering if anyone would be around for drinks etc?
  18. TravelerPete

    Solo in Ibiza Town September 17th-22nd

    Hello, I am traveling to Ibiza for the first time, I am coming from the USA. I'll be landing there on September 17th and leaving the 22nd. Staying In Ibiza Town. My plan is pacha the 17th to see Bob Sinclair on the 18th or 19th I want to go to cafe del mar space the 20th for the Carl Cox...
  19. chicagocharles

    Solo in Ibiza June 3-June 8, let's make friends

    Coming from the USA to Ibiza for a few days. Here's my plan as it stands right now: Staying at Ushai or however you spell that from June 3-June 8. Pacha Friday night June 3 No idea about Saturday June 4 but if anyone want's to charter a catamaran for the day and sunset let me know, I am...
  20. L

    Pacha, Opium or other port Olimpic Clubs

    Hi guys First post so go easy. Going Barcelona on a stag do soon. Been told the two best clubs on the port (this is where we are stopping) are Pacha and Opium. The stag is wanting VIP but was curious if this is worth it or if it just puts you on a pedestal for potential pick pockets? Few...