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I would rather drive an astra as opposed to a fezza for a daily. Supercars are a nightmare to drive round the doors. I’ve been in a few and all the owners say the same.

I’d still rather a dark, dirty carpark for a proper techno night, like Drumcode, as opposed to that shower of shit Abode at stuido 338 with 20 year olds :lol:

I’ve never noticed the sound being an issue at WHP, though I’d say room 2 is more consistent, in terms of it’s pretty loud wherever you are.
I agree. Have done 5 WHP and have enjoyed everyone. Yes it gets packed but nothing on Ibiza club levels. That time of year a dark and murky rave goes well with the dark nights outside, the setting is raw which is what I expect a rave to be. Won't be going this year as I am doing Connect Festival. First one I've missed since 2014

Plus the crowd helps determine the night, for example crowd followers of Hannah Wants will always have a shit vibe, edgyness and loads filming, not too mention shit music. Her prime was doing the 2:31 nights in Digbeth, since shes got popular shes gone terrible and the crowd that follow are the same


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Bit of a silly comment really... Bit like saying you'd prefer to drive a Vauxhall Astra iso a Ferrari F12 as your daily

Well i would prefer the Astra if the Ferrari was pumping out tech house and EDM out of the stereo and confetti came out of the glove box every time I opened it. That's my whole point - we all like different things. Sorry you had a bad night at the WHP but I've been to Store Street 5 or 6 times and always had a cracker - if anything I'd say the venue really makes it more special. Different horses for different courses.


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Just booked 27th October for one last blast at store street! Really liked the venue when I went for NYD couple years back and think it’s a cracking line up got Fuse in room 2 and Pan Pot, Leibing and Pagiani in the one!


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New venue looks outrageous:eek:

Mayfield Depot?

Looks tremendous ??

Was checking out what is on, in the run up to xmas, and my work rota clashes with pretty much every night I like the look of ?

Might have to wangle some time off, maybe even fabricate some sort of illicit tale that requires me to return home immediately.

Was lucky enough to catch one of the WHP nights at Store Street before it finished, we loved it. Real dark rough and ready place, perfect for a refined and sophisticated gentleman like my good self.

If I post my companies HR dept phone number could one of you decent folk ring them up one weekend and tell them my daughters hamster has died suddenly. Thanks.


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Anyone going this Saturday for the Bicep night with Jeff Mills?
Up in the air for me as it stands, was going but mate has pulled out, so will be solo if i do.


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Going to XXL which will be my first appearance at the new venue. The garnier and dixon one looks good but its falls during ADE and cant miss the first proper ADE since covid.


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XXL is going to be different gravy completely! Managed to bag a surprisingly affordable central penthouse on airbnb with huge terrace for 6 of us so going to take the controller and make use of some outdoor space for the weekend also (weather permitting)
Any chance of the link for that gaff mate? Fancy a look for the Garnier night