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Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by Life of Rye, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Char123

    Char123 Member

    Yep enzo and his boys are just as bad as the abode lot

    more then half the crowd will be orange.
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  2. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Come to Ireland, da boys are back in town.. 2 of irelands best Berlin dwellings paddies are play here in December, one a local hero and a good friend the other guy that ye all should know... ..just 2 djs ANL..
    @Dublindave if we get a late night at Uncle Micks after this it could be a good one..;)
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  3. Bucko08

    Bucko08 Active Member

    Cant wait for Sven night at WHP, gonna be very busy so im also hoping its a decent crowd or could be a ling night...
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  4. Browny

    Browny Well-Known Member

    Sure i read last entry 21.30 and finishing at 06.00 :eek:
  5. Char123

    Char123 Member

    The whp has some of the worst anti-consumer practises around.

    DJ koze will steal the show on that night. Hes fantastic
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  6. Ikoda

    Ikoda Well-Known Member

    Deadmau5 last weekend at Printworks was mega crushed :(
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  7. Browny

    Browny Well-Known Member

    And full of people literally standing still recording on phone (of the videos i’ve seen’
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  8. Funnily enough I was at the WHP, saturday just, for the Deadmau5 night. Bit of a last minute one, we all jumped on the train from Newcastle and stayed overnight. Surprised how easy it was.

    I thought it was brilliant!

    Will definitely be going back there at some point :lol:

    Sorry for the thread drift :spank:
  9. Springal

    Springal Active Member

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  10. Browny

    Browny Well-Known Member

    Best be quick it closes down 1st Jan
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  11. Life of Rye

    Life of Rye Active Member

  12. C6CD6851-9479-4B20-847C-072C3C0D99C1.jpeg

    Stay calm snowflakes :lol: falling over yourselves to write the same reply :lol: it’s a few weeks away yet, plenty happening in between :cool:

    Appreciate your immediate concern though :)
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  13. :lol::lol::lol:

    Hi @Life of Rye

    What a little ray of sunshine you are today :lol:

    Brilliant :lol:
  14. Browny

    Browny Well-Known Member

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  15. TazLondon

    TazLondon Member

    I heard this was very average; we sold our tickets as something had come up.

  16. Ian K

    Ian K Active Member

    Poor sound according to the facebook afterlife fans page, and ploddy track selection was bandied about somewhat also...
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  17. white_isle_calling

    white_isle_calling Well-Known Member

    Didn't hear anything about the experience inside, but I heard through a colleague - and frequent attendee - of laboriously slow ingress for reasons unknown.
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  18. soha

    soha Active Member

    It just doesnt look like a good venue for me

    Sure it makes for nice pictures on insta

    But it's just too long and narrow, and I'd imaging getting the sound right in there would be really difficult
  19. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    Didn’t attend the printworks part but did go to Village Underground for part 2 and really enjoyed it. Left relatively early at about 4am but really enjoyed all of Adriatique’s set! First time seeing Fideles out aswell and loved them!
  20. Char123

    Char123 Member

    Recondite and adriatque were excellent. TOU were horrendous. I mean the worst i have ever seen them. horrid.

    The sound was off aswell and it was really oversold. A shame

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