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Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by Life of Rye, Dec 8, 2016.

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    Very good listen that! LWE have always been my fav promoters and always put on an amazing show.

    Really interesting hearing about all the bits you don't think of like the amount of security staff needed! Couldn't believe they still haven't made a profit from J2! Ill stop moaning about the price increases now :spank:
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    Have been considering the J2 launch party at Tobacco Dock. Great venue IMO and good line up, but £55 really is extortion for a party in the UK. Suppose it makes sense as a way to supplement profits from the summer festival though after listening to the podcast.

    Not sure I buy their arguments about tokens though... has always struck me as a way to con people out of money by either not appreciating how much they’re spending when fukced, losing tokens or not spending them all and been unable to get a refund at the end.
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    I have to disagree, you get 10-11 hours worth of events for £55, Ibiza is that for about half the time!

    While I agree its expense it is by no means extortion. To be honest I wouldn't have been going due to the price but I still don't think its an unfair amount considering the length of event and DJs on the line up. Luckily I won a ticket when I bought my 2019 J2 Festival ticket so I be them and am actually really excited! Not been Docks in a while as I got a bit bored of the venue since its free for me why not!

    For anyone who has never been Docks I'm sure would come out saying that was £55 well spent!
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    @Crawleytown I also hate tokens. But LWE are one of the few (only?) to refund unused tokens.
    It's a ballache queuing again. But from my experience, this queue is short. The only other downside is trying to budget those vital last few hours, as nobody wants to be worrying about a refund at the death.
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    You’re right they do, but at Junction 2 it entailed being in the queue half an hour before the festival ended, which also happened to be the other side of the site to the main stage where Cox and Beyer were closing. Looked to me an attempt at dissuading as many people as possible to refund their tokens which is a bit naughty imo.
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    Theres an app called 'Im In' and you can win 2 tickets to Junction 2 at tobacco docks on there or worst case you win 25% off ticket price i think. Worth a shot though surely... i think they get given tickets when demand not huge and still a few tickets available.

    P.S ive won loads of tickets off the app and also paid for loads i later won or couldve won off the app and theyre fully legit

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