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What did those who went to Solomun last night think?

Personally loved the venue ... Found plenty of space to the side near the front (missed the entire light show though) and good crowd where we were ... Some of the best vibes for UK event I've been to .... Moscoman played nice warm up and Solomun decent considering 3 months off although last hour or so was maybe a bit too hard for my hazy memory but perhaps he was warming up for Time Warp!


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There’s an amusing video on Facebook of security trying to turn the music off at the end.

Mate of mine went and really enjoyed it. It is a great, well run venue there.


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Not the best linueps ive seen. worst winter programme theyve done. The best lineup is the klock mills one in 2 weeks.


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Line-ups are okay. But they're just isn't enough variation for me. It's the same core of artist booked for the season, just assigned mildly differently. The Afterlife line-up is practically the same for the last three years.

I do wonder, is there enough demand for another massive capacity venue in the Drumsheds and the Exhibition if the line-ups are only going to be carbon copies anyway?

I think those line-up are generally strong, just we've seen them all half a dozen times before. They feel stale. As I'm sure @Browny will point out, we've simply been spoilt in London.

Hard when you've got to fill so many thousand punters into your cavernous venue, but I would like to see them try more of the extended sets formats. Solomun is great if you like Solomun. But what about some others?


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Some good lines up in there for me. I really like the venue, I know others don't. The opening times 12 till 11pm work out great for getting the train home & still getting up with kids in the morning. For me it's a win, win. Like the look of Outlier with Bonobo & 25 years of Bugged Out.


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Too right :lol: Line ups look unreal to me. All we get up here is the same tech house names over and over. Although we do have a promotor from elsewhere hosting a night at Digital with Jeff Mills and theres a night with Ben ufo but thats about it so far for our autumn/winter
Lens is on in October too.