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I booked into a little festie called NOUS in Biarritz early Aug. Some good DJs like Fabrizio Mamarella, 2 Mamarrachos but mostly after the general vibe tbh.


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Latest from the German festival scene:
Garbicz has multiple smaller weekenders announced all summer long. -> Known for legendary parties. Tickets still available vie there FB page.
Nation of Gondwana near Berlin has a permit to have 5000 guests the last two July weekends. 1st weekend still has tickets left.
About You Pangea Festival is the first bigger festival with 15.000 guest that has a permit and will definetly take place 20-22nd August as long as the inzidenz is below 100.
Fusion will announce 3 smaller events for August/September. Tickets go on sale early July. -> Also known for legendary parties.

Besides that a lot of the smaller festivals plan to go ahead, and probabbly will.
While none of the festivals with 15.000+ guests has a official permit yet.
Airbeat one wants to have 60.000 guests in September, but local authorities don't give any permits for that time yet.


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Was just about to post this. Definitely getting tickets tomorrow.
This is gonna be a busy weekend with Solomun on Friday and MysteryLand (with Carl Cox and Sven Vath) on Saturday and Sunday.

Also..this Solomun stage in the Amsterdam forest is probably gonna be re-used the next day for the 909 special with Charlotte de Witte.
Makes you wonder, that weekend everything seems possible but Awakenings could not get a permit for 11/12 September because of too many events for emergency services to handle.


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I was thinking to go that instead of junction 2 for a second!

October time if things go as planned lots of festivals postponed till then plus ibiza closing parties

will be a great time for party goers after nothing for a year and a half...


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Dutch government just announced that single day events may proceed without masks or distance measures from 30th June. Vaccination or negative test result is mandatory to enter.
The events are still subject to restrictions. In July, for example, a maximum of 25,000 people are allowed on the site and multi-day festivals are not yet allowed, but that restriction will also be released from August.

Hopefully something similar will happen in Spain/Eivissa 🤩🤞🏼


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So odd that Awakenings was cancelled.
They really got f*cked over by local authorities. While national gov is giving every event a "go" the local authorities do not have enough emergency services in place in that weekend. Awakenings claims (and I think this is a good argument) they can arrange a lot of that privately themselves. Police are complaining they cannot go on holiday leave because of all the postponed events now taking place in a short season but I think that's rubbish...they had no events, no nightlife and no football matches for over a year!

On the other hand...Formula 1, MysteryLand, DGTL festival all happening in a really short timeframe (2 weeks) in the same area.
Now that I've come to peace with could say it's strange Awakenings have published that date 11-12 September to the public without having a permit yet.


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The general feeling in The Netherlands is....that events in august have a high chance of going ahead.
But be aware there is a heavy debate about a test-based society requiring you to get a PCR test for just about anything that's not essential to your life. They are making those tests cheaper than the usual PCR test though, but I have no idea if that discount accounts for tourists too.
It could be that you can go without a test if you have a green EU vaccination passport but our government are nut jobs and are currently saying they are not sure if that is sufficient...

I got myself some tickets for events starting mid July because I think outdoor + testing will pave the way for a normal non-distance event.

If people are still looking for a nice festival to travel for..check out StrafWerk mid august, AmeIIAme, Stussy, Artbat, Anotr, Gerd Janson, Honey Dijon, Henrik Swarz, Kerri Chandler, Maceo Plex, Patrick Topping, Sam Paganini and more.
Looking at this tickets are sold out😪