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Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by Ikoda, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Ikoda

    Ikoda Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd start this as I haven't been able to go to a festival this year.

    Looking at going to Europe for a festival next year rather than anything in the UK.
    Anyone got any suggestions?

    Tomorrowland is certainly a consideration, I loved the main stage. Guetta or not, it looked amazing. :)
  2. Jack87

    Jack87 Member

    I want to do Tomorrowland at some point, looks incredible.

    I've said it elsewhere but my masterplan is to get the InterRail 3 week pass, and travel down to Hideout in Croatia then on to Exit in Serbia.

    I'd guess that Hideout wouldn't really be your thing, it's all DnB, dubstep, and some house and techno. That said, it's impossible not to have fun there.

    What I liked about Exit was how diverse it was. From Kraftwerk, Korn, Moby, Madness, Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen, Grandmaster Flash, Andy C, Chase and Status, and The Prodigy on the main stage, to Loco Dice, Eric Prydz, Magda, Carl Cox, James Zabiela, Nic Fanciulli, Green Velvet, Adam Beyer, so many more in the Dance arena. Plus the 15 other smaller stages with artists on all night. (and a mad little silent disco). Set in a massive fortress. Comfortably the best festival I've been to, and I've been to some really good ones.

    A few of our friends went to Sonar festival in Barcelona this year and said it was ace. Definitely on my list of things to do.
  3. MiniMarc

    MiniMarc Well-Known Member

    Exit is certainly a unique and amazing experience. Camping is for the brave though in that heat!!
  4. Morbyd

    Morbyd Moderator

    Definitely not. Most people I know who tried it ended up in a hotel or apartment somewhere by day 3 :lol:

    Plenty of cheap accommodation around.
  5. Scottish-Helen

    Scottish-Helen Active Member

    A group of my friends have been to Exit the past few years and always get an apartment. Cheap as chips over there.
  6. Jack87

    Jack87 Member

    We camped and managed to survive, just. Getting back to the campsite at 9am after the festival, probably nearly 30 degrees by that time, sleep was impossible. The normal tactic was staying up through the day then sleeping for a couple of hours when it got dark, or crashing out for a couple of hours on the beanbags they had in the chill out area. It was exhausting but worth it. So good.
  7. cherryman

    cherryman Member

    For me as belgian, Tomorrowland is to hyped for what it only is. I went last year & besides the last set of Carl Cox I didn't like much of it. Nice 2 do it once in a lifetime but nothing more. People also more there for the name & fame then for the real party.

    Love Family Park in Germany & Extrema Outdoor in Belgian where the best for me this year so far. Maybe will do again next year if fit in agenda. Would like to do some clubs in Italy as wel as some festivals in Germany & Spain (Melt, Sonar, etc...)
  8. Ikoda

    Ikoda Well-Known Member

    Not sure I'd cope with that. Would have to go for the apartment option :lol:
  9. Jack87

    Jack87 Member

    To be fair if we go again, we'll get an apartment too. Still worth buying a wristband for the campsite though, I think it was about £12 and there was loads going on for the 2 days leading up to the festival. Camping is a big part of festivals for me, glad I was camping last time despite how much hard work it was. Lost well over a stone in the week we were abroad :eek:
  10. MiniMarc

    MiniMarc Well-Known Member

    yep same thing for us , came back and it was like a hot summers day , 30degrees plus minimum. we couldnt sleep just ended up like zombies , hanging out in mcdonalds cos it had air con nursing mcflurries! We went a little insane from the sleep deprivation the journey home was horrific
  11. Ikoda

    Ikoda Well-Known Member

    Suppose it's a good way to loose weight... not sure I can keep losing weight though... lost alot as it is!
  12. claretclubber

    claretclubber Active Member

    Recommend Milka hotel/hostel for Exit if anyone wants somewhere cheap with aircon (added in most rooms this year). It's about 5 quid taxi to festival, maybe less, between 4 that's nothing. It's 24hr party place be warned, decks/bar/bbq and little pool. Only people from festival staying there

    Serbian Sunrise cocktails 8)
  13. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

  14. TM78

    TM78 Member

    For next year I'm looking at:

    Time warp (Germany)
    Sonar (gutted I missed this year, but been before and superb)
    Hideout (maybe)
    Electric elephant / garden
    Melt! (amazing experience this year at it)
    Dimensions (Croatia)
    Berlin music week

    Mates going to Amsterdam dance event, so will hear how that goes .
    Tomorrow land & mystery lands also look good.

    Nature one is also supposed to be a great event in Germany
  15. neilly303

    neilly303 Active Member

    Tomorrowland really does look terrible - like a stereotypical cheesy euro dance festival.

    I've always wanted to go to love family park then onto cocoon club, looks amazing.
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  16. TM78

    TM78 Member

    I thought I saw something about this years love family park being the last one ? (or could be the green vs. blue event that's finishing )

    When we went to time warp In Mannheim we stayed in Frankfurt and went to cocoon thd night before, amazing club, vath played about 3,5hrs then gaiser played a live set.

    Will say a weird mix of people / lot of dressed up suits spending Serious cash, then lot of tourists (with time warp no doubt this was multiplied hugely, but still the. Ight worked, grat night and the club is worth checking out, was only 15euros to get in.
  17. white_isle_calling

    white_isle_calling Well-Known Member

    Did anyone buy Hideout tickets out of curiosity?
  18. TM78

    TM78 Member

    our group were talking about hideout yesterday when the lineup came out, bit underwhelming really...its good they have moved the dates, but prob still too close to glastonbury for me...i think skip hideout and go to melt! instead. EE/garden/stop making sense/dimensions later in the year...dimensions my preferred one i would say going on the lineup from last year.
  19. Jack87

    Jack87 Member

    We've been thinking about Hideout but I don't think we'll fit it in next year. Shame as we had a top time in 2010. I agree that the dates are better. Advise you book flights and boat parties EARLY if you're planning to go!
  20. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    I`ve been to a few festivals in croatia.Great for cheap beer. But if your looking for pills ect. not a hope unlless your bring your own.

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