Try something from the DOx range, DOM perhaps, or NBOMe.
No actually dont. They are horrible
NBOMe was sold as LSD here for a while. Similar but different trips. Very long lasting and dirty feeling. Wouldn't recommend if you're looking for an LSD trip.

A good way to tell it's not LSD is the chemical taste, LSD is flavorless. Remember if it's bitter then it's a spitter.


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St E isn’t a place I’d expect to be really rife with dealers. Never been up there but thought it more of a family place than a party place. San an or Bossa perhaps.
My thoughts exactly. Never seen one there and it’s where we stay. Ovbs could be local hush hush ones knocking about but still don’t believe it would just be laying in a park

Johnny Vodka

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BZP was legal in NZ years ago, not sure if it is now. You could buy it in news agents. It had a nasty come down but it definitely didn't make you feel like you'd been poisoned, well not in my experience.
Yeah, I know it was legal in NZ - bit of a mystery given how nasty the reported effects are. The high is meant to be pretty unpleasant, as well as the comedown! I got the impression it was far more dangerous than MD...


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Cricky .. when did going out become such a chore.... I can't eat, have to make sure my serotonin level are ok,fckn grapefruit juice and Earl grey and then I have to Google the bloody DJ..
And if he is a new Dj or never heard of have to look at you tube videos of him...
Caught myself day dreaming about taking pills and realized how desperate that is for me. I think about it enough to be able eventually to conclude that it's not something I really want in my life anymore but not for all the standard reasons. It's because I don't want to go to jail. Why the heck is everything illegal? I'll never understand.

Saw a girl fooling around with a hit of acid this morning. I hope the poor thing knows how much of a pain in the ass it can be...

Anyway, all in all I'm a happier person steering clear of everything illegal, or even legal; such as is the case for marijuana here in California where I live. I have schizophrenia (which I don't usually tell people), so it's sort of a different animal for me especially when it comes to anything psychedelic. hmmm. I think that sums it up.


I am prone to paranoia on dopamine-y drugs and also MD if I re-dose too many times. Often it'll be paranoia around health (reading about people turning purple or blue on mephedrone really fed my imagination, it seems ?), so never really sure whether the chest twinges I feel on stuff sometimes should be a real worry or if it's just anxiety.
It can be tight muscles, maybe you tighten your muscles when you dance?


These orange soundcloud still pretty genuine? No rumours of fake batches or anything?

Is there anywhere on the island to actually buy a testing kit? Or even testing centers... Definately the way forward theyre never gunna beat it so why why not regulate it where possible.


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I just came back today from Sonar off. The Orange SoundCloud were all around the festival and very easy to find. They are exactly the same you can find in Ibiza. I took 2-3 per day and did the 4 days in a row and I have to say they are ACE.
First of all I didn’t find them pretty strong. Nothing unusual. But what I found amazing is that they were working every single day. I was smiling the whole festival, was chatting a lot and met very nice people and I had crazy energy! On the 4th day I was sure that it won’t worked but they hit me again and I was full of love and smile.
The next day I was still feeling amazing so I didn’t get any comedown.
Looking forward to see them in Ibiza in September.
Guys this is a winner. It reminded me the white, blue dots white Mitsubishi that were around in Ibiza about 10 years ago. Very good stuff


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Green diamond and bigger red diamond.. anyone hear anything about these..?.
I had the green diamonds when I was there last week. They were strong but it wasn't a super enjoyable time, felt like I had a mini seizure at one point and then the comedown was terrible.