Grey Audi's are cut with methylone but also high concentration of MDMA. Good reviews from my crew, nobody got sick, they stuck with taking qtrs at a time But even one crazy f***er who took the whole thing was ultimately fine, never sick just rly wasted.

Red Androids are clean but weak.

Just an fyi


Where'd you get this info? Methylone starts off a bit like weak MD, but has quite a speedy, not necessarily pleasant, finish.
Tested it and it went first yellow then dark purple/black.

The only yellow on the test kit paper is methylone.

It used to go around Miami as "meow meow" and was sold as fake MDMA alot


Me and a few in our group got some soundclouds on Sunday.. I haven't took any pills in years tbf and i was fine on them, took quarter at first then dropped in halves during the night to top up as i really wanted to be careful after not taking any for so long!! I was fine on them, they must have been a less stronger batch than the 240mg ones, as i say i havent took them for ages so i would imagine they would have proper done me in if they were that strong !!! I had a nice consistent buzz all night and no hangover or comedown yesterday or today which is a bonus ! I found a half in one of my pockets this morning which was a nice find :)

One of the lads in our group took them whole and was fine also.
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here's a fact sheet on the domed ones https://de.drugchecking.ch/pdf.php?p=1213 ...236mg lab tested.
These are exactly those ones I got at Sonar off, the domed ones. They were all around the festival. I have a friend living there who told me they were ACE plus I have met a lot of people who where using them.
Well it’s been 15 years that I’m raving.
I’m married so I don’t go out very often now but I guess I have a quite high tolerance. I did not find them stronger than a lot of pills I tried through the years in Ibiza or in London. I dropped three the last night of the festival.
But what is sure is that they give you a super good vibe: smile, chatty all night long and full of energy, no come down It’s been a long time I didn’t feel like this tbh. I also used vitamins, 5HTP and Melatonin everyday.