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I have been to a few Cocoons before (and seen Sven in festivals too) so I knew it was going to be good but freakin hell the closing party and specially the after party blew my mind!! Everyone from our group couldn't stop talking about it for coming days and weeks, trying to comprehend wtf just happened!! Are the opening parties are as good as the closing?

Got inside Amnesia around 1am and Anna was banging it out to packed club room, was nice to hear her 'forever ravers' track on proper sound system for the first time. Really liked her set! Was going to go check out Peggy as I have never seen her before but we we were having such a good time with Ilario that decided to stay. Adam was playing really good set too and the rest of the group decided to stay while I headed with my gf to the terrace to catch last hour and a half or so of Sven.

One of the biggest highlights for me was Sven playing this mind melting tune which to my surprise turned out to be 'numbers / computer world' by kraftwerk!! Couldn't believe it!!!

Kraftwerk - numbers / computer world -

Another epic moment was me dancing in middle of the dance floor, not far from the front and suddenly I could hear someone shouting behind my back. I turned around thinking wtf is going on and saw a guy in a super man mode flying thru the dance floor so I quickly moved to the side and continued watching the amazing interaction between Sven, him and the crowd.

I seen some videos before of Sven playing Gazebo and listened to that track a lot at home so was really happy when Sven dropped it, the whole terrace went off and it sounded amazing on the new sound system.

Fairmont - Gazebo (Patrice Baumel Remix) -

What an incredible night from start to finish...however the best bit was still to come!

Had a short power nap and headed to Benimussa around 5/6pm. Sun was shining, Sven delivering the soundtrack, beers were cheap, couldn't ask for more but the deeper we went into the nigh time the more it was giving.

Was pleasure to bump into the lovely Pirate and I think I did see stivi and was going to say hi but then noticed some other guy with a beard too and got time!

Overall the crowd, the vibe and atmosphere was just magical. Never seen anything like this in ibiza before. Some of the highlight tunes included Cabin Fever by Mathew Jonson; Hugg & Pepp - Snabeln; Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham - Timbuktu (Pan-African), everyone's dancing, Sven's dancing, what a big family.

Hugg & Pepp - Snabeln -

Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham - Timbuktu (Pan-African) -

Sven's speech at the end of the outside bit felt so genuine and real it was incredible. Thankfully that was not the end and everyone moved into the rabbit hole which was exactly how you would expect a rabbit hole to be - dark and filthy (with very good sound system). Does anyone know who was the DJ that played before Sven came on? Really liked him, one of the tunes he dropped was 'Yann Tiersen - Comptine D'un Autre Ete (Alffie Edit)' pure magic.
In the rabbit hole, Sven continued to surprise of these surprises was International Anything ‎– 'Like This Girl'. Pure sex that is.

Just before he finished his marathon session with La Isla Bonita he dropped 'Ricardo Tobar - Nadivi' again. For me this tune ended up being the tune of the party, tune of the holiday.

Cannot wait to come back next year!

BTW Thanks to all who posted your found track ID's on the forum, I combined it with my found ID's and made cocoon20 closing spotify playlist:

P.S the very last tune 'encore' that Sven played in amnesia, who is it by? :)


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superman guy story sounds familiar ;)

rabbit hole DJ before sven was my friend cesar vinzent

the opening is also great, but the closing is usually better

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Sven loves that Gazebo track doesn't he? He played it at the Kraftwerk Ushuaia party as well and I took a small clip of the moment. Wish I could post it here easily.

Just some thoughts... Sven started showing up everywhere in the Ibiza lineup announcements during my stay and I was little disappointed not gonna lie as I wanted to hear new talent. But he really is a good DJ and I really enjoyed him
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I kept an eye out for the beard but never caught it! Admittedly was much focused on the incredible music on offer...
yeah i can confirm 🤣
sorry not to stay longer 1rs row ,i got a french roommate to pick at airport and she had already loosing her minds b4 landing in ibz, as telling me to pick her 1h00 later, after her landing (7pm)
i pick some wristband from mate and gave her, so she even pay less than me 😬 , a pizza saver 🆒, was eating pizza when sven made his speech closing treehouse .
No more pickup along a party for ibz 20.


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ehm, both mixes sound of the 20th season for 2.71 euros?! is that a mistake? on itunes its 10 euros which is the usual price. 2.71 is a joke, nobody wins at this price :/


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ehm, both mixes sound of the 20th season for 2.71 euros?! is that a mistake?
Been the same price on Juno for the past few editions.
They're continuous mixes not individual tracks that you can enjoy separately, so I think on that basis the price is a fair one. Though I would happily pay more in this instance if an option of around £5 was available


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Obviously, there's very little money to made through record sales in the modern day unless you're a juggernaut or got a serious label throwing money behind you, but relatively speaking, those artists will be better off being featured than not


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just goes to show how little work in music is valued in our age. There are some 20 artists in that mix who worked hours on their track. There is sven carefully curating and mixing it. And then it‘s priced at 2.71 euros because you have to be happy about everyone willing to pay even that little sum.


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I have a Spotify subscription so this album is no extra cost for me to stream or download. Same with loads of albums.

I listened to cd 2 today I enjoyed it