When is everybody going?


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Just curious when everybody is going to be in Ibiza this summer!
We will be there from June 27-July 8!
Leaving the States for Europe on August 4th, but we won't be in Ibiza until August 9th. Ibiza from August 9th to August 14th. Then on to Italy and Switzerland! :D
29th august for 2 weeks,fifth visit 2 the clubbers heaven of the world
Barbie said:
June 20 - July 1 and then Sept 6 - Sept 21 :D
Muhahaha, me, my girlfriend and some other friends will be out there for the first two weeks too!

I'll probably be living in Space most of the holiday.
Hey, I'm still trying to get some of my friends to commit to going on vacation, but I'd probably be going around the time of the end of June and the beginning of July. Hopefully for my birthday the 24th. I may always just go on my own if it comes to it...who knows.

june 20 till 5th july


and possabley september as well. watch this space