Weekend Plans


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spent last few days on Costa Brava, family stuff. St Joan festivities the other night lots of bonfires and pets shitting themselves to kids firecrackers. first ice cold swims of year too. I still think 7-8am is best time of day (see also Cala Gracio, Cala Nova)


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A weekend of suprises with actual MC Neat :lol:performing 'A Little Bit of Luck' and a host of other UKG anthems at a wedding I was at, and my the footy birthday party I took my youngest to, being Dads vs Lads for half the time.

And I only just found out that Beyonce has saved House!:lol:


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my cousin & wife in town this weekend so will tour the sites and try to piece together the last 15 years. maybe squeeze in a visit to Marula (not to be confused with Malanga tho v similar!)

c*vid's back in the news here alas, admissions back on rise.. seem to be quite a few people who dodged the bullet for 2 years getting it now


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Very much looking forward to this on Saturday to get us in the mood for the end of the month. Praying for decent weather. I don’t know how many times we’ve been to this venue and the weather has been crap. Dancing in coats really isn’t my thing.


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