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  1. IanF

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    Dates you were there:
    11 nights from Monday 25th September to Friday 6th October.

    Where you stayed (resort/hotel):
    Sol House Mixed by Ibiza Rocks.
    Booked the Xtra House Party Room, just to guarantee sea view. Good decision, up on 5th floor, amazing views right across to San Antonio and Café Del Mar/Café Mambo, and got the tunes from Rooftop Nine on my balcony in the evening.
    Rooftop Nine Bar was great, chilled music and amazing views. Good spot late afternoon before a siesta, for the sunset, and on the way out for the night.
    I’m at the age where I’m not in Ibiza just to party, so found San Antonio Bay a great place to stay. This was my 8th year visiting at this time, with only 1 break, and it was San Antonio Bay I stayed the first few times, so was nice to be back after the last couple of years around PDB.

    Club nights visited:

    Friday 29th September, Taste the Punch Closing at Eden (mainly for Faithless DJ set).
    Sister Bliss was fantastic. Obviously, Insomnia was a moment to savour, but other memorable tunes were Open Up, KLF, and a Depeche Mode mix of Shout. There was a lot more but these were the ones stuck in my head the next day.
    Got quiet after Sister Bliss, so quiet the closed upstairs.
    First ever visit to Eden and really enjoyed it. Great sound wherever you were.
    Wasn’t very busy, no obvious VIP, and not too many mobile phones in the air.

    Sunday 1st October, Defected Closing at Eden.
    Much busier night, which made it better.
    Loved the music.
    More obvious VIP, but not taking up the best spaces and a lot more phones on the dance floor. More obvious drug taking on the dance floor too. Only saw one group getting pulled away by bouncers though.

    Wednesday 4th October, Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes.
    Didn’t get there until about 10pm, so maybe missed a lot. However, found it too much of a hippy vibe even though I was expecting that.
    Loved looking around Pikes, you could just feel its past.
    From about 1am, everyone packed in to the back room (can’t remember what it was called, through Freddies) and that was really good from then on, lots of happy people, very friendly feeling.

    Best night:
    They were all fantastic, and I’d have to say Defected was the best.
    Loved the tunes and much busier than Taste the Punch, but still enough space and not too packed, although I did stay in the back half of the dance floor.
    Spotlight did a better review of the night than I ever could

    Worst night:
    Didn’t have one, but if I have to say one, then the Saturday between the 2 nights at Eden because I had a total night off, even from bars. But actually enjoyed getting a proper rest and being fresh the next morning.

    Best bar:
    Bars are more my thing, so that’s why San Antonio Bay really suits me. A water taxi across the bay and a walk up to Café Del Mar or Savannah and then a leisurely walk back round the bay with a few stops was a great way to spend a day. Had good afternoons in Savannah and Café Del Mar, Ibiza Rocks Bar and Itaca on the way back, then Donnegans for a pit stop.
    Nearer the hotel, afternoon and early evening beers in Millennium, and over to Mar I Pins later on was great fun. Have enjoyed Peppers 2 in previous visits here but only got a couple of evenings before they closed up for the season. BN3 was good too, but not my preference given all the bars in the area.

    Best place to eat:
    Was on my own so didn’t got anywhere special and generally snacked rather than any proper meals. Food at Sol House was decent. Small tapas menu at Minimal nearby, where the meatballs were probably the tastiest I’ve ever had (or I was just really hungry). Couple of nice café’s just opposite Sol House too.
    There’s not a worst place to eat, but I have to mention a pizza restaurant near Bucanero and Dennegans called Ausonia. Was walking past there one evening and fancied something so went in and ordered a lasagne. I couldn’t believe it was still frozen in the middle when they served it, so won’t ever go back there and don’t recommend anyone else does. Or if you do, have a pizza and not the lasagne. The pizzas did look good.

    Money spent:
    Very roughly, about £1,800 on flights and hotel, and about £1,000 spending money. Plus the tickets to Eden, train to Glasgow, and hotel the night before flying. Not a cheap holiday, but loved it so worth it.

    Biggest regret:
    Missing too many breakfasts and not getting a chicken pitta in Ibiza Rocks Bar.
    Probably not exploring the island is the only real regret. Next time!

    Going back?:
    Yes, will be back the same time next year, maybe a week later.
    Probably back to San Antonio Bay, and maybe even Sol House again.

    Top tip:
    Just do what feels right at the time, and enjoy.
    Try to see a sunrise as well as the sunset.
    Not my tip, but best tip I used from here was to have a couple of Chupa Chups ready for any time you start to get a bit tired.
    And keep visiting the Spotlight site and forums to get all the info you need.
  2. Nostalgic

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    I have just packed a bag full of chupa chups. God forbid if i ever get searched on entry and they pull out 50 lollipops
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  3. FallenangelGparsons

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    Where you stayed (resort/hotel): figueretas,

    Club nights visited:

    Paradise Closing **** thank u very much for the spotlight member that put me on, i will recontact uf if still ok for ibz 18 and of course u are my guest in any restaurant & free drinks dc10 when we'll meet and delay thanks to spotlight member, guys, no more free rides for ibz 18, grab a taxi i miss the beginning of Masters at work :mad: everything should be planned b4 and not last time looking for ...:rolleyes: i get in touch with kind of escort girl (didnt know at first but spot it later when we meet again, its always fun to meet her )

    Afterlife closing **** great party from the morning 7am TOU b2b solomun, Nina Kraviz djs on my list of the ones to avoid ,i nearly passout 2 times along her set :lol:,i met a new french mate for ibz 18, he was annoyed by people that push him so i had to help him, shouting to the rude people/Respect! muthaf***ers!

    Glitterbox closing:RAS; This is the House music party *****

    Ants closing ***

    Elrow closing **** met the french guy from Privilege too

    Blue Marlin Luciano ***** BMI is always good

    Acid Sundays closing ****

    cocoon closing *: give me through pm ur recommanded drugs to enjoy the music :D

    cocoon after party ****

    Circoloco ****

    Hyte closing **

    Hyte after party ****

    Mosaic closing ***

    Keep on dancing Closing ****

    Blue Marlin closing ****Heart Wally lopez **** i was evicted by staff aroud 6h20 as he thought i push a guy when getting out of wc, it was jsut the wall i push to have quicker move to avoid a bloke on a way to bump on me

    Paris by Night closing *** bob set was the worst

    Hi closing Kolsh dj on my djs to avoid list Heart closing Anane Veha b2b louis VEga & Satori & were gret, Acid Pauli fine.

    Dc10 closing **** Apppolonia set was great in terrace (i used to attend to mix i didnt like), didnt like Damian Lazarus set

    Zoo project evolution *****

    Pivate party Villa Monochrome ***** Music was great Sasha Mendone Frcaco moiraghi & a lot of things happened in private parties :spank:

    Best night Private party @ villa monochrome good House music & lot of hot girls looking for the wild stuff :p with hard drink 5€ soft 2€ and no rules security staff ,u can imagine what happens in privates parties :spank:

    Worst night:cocoon closing

    Best bar: Sa Trinxa
    Best place to eat:Miss saIgon av espana

    Money spent:less than opening Aug thanks to the free guestlist i had , cheapest deal for aug, the discount one for privilege didnt work they trick me but it was ok to pay 50€ ,if i know it wouldnt work i should buy the 40€ backtage a mate ask for (he should give it to me for free with all favours done to him but it will cost him a lot of money ibz 18 if wanted to hang with me as no merci to the deep pocket)
    ibz 18 should be a year with not a lot of paying tix :D

    Biggest regret:Maceo after party,not taking a cab to get in as the stupid shuttle didnt want me to get in even having the monocrome wristband given by Maceo Manager, music on after party Dc10 after party,Keep on dancing after party Black coffee after party some mates were there & didnt think about me but when i have a after party they keep rush on you textin..:rolleyes:
    for closing 18 ill save more days such 3 weeks (i know where to stretch my ibz connections) & guys no need to text me ill give only adress to mates but can t put u on the list as its quiet difficult to me.

    Going back?:Yes

    Top tip:Buy Ice
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  4. johndiamond

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    Dates you were there:
    6 to 9 Oct 2017

    Where you stayed (resort/hotel):
    Sol House Mixed by Ibiza Rocks. Nice hotel for the low season price I paid, but I'd not pay full whack.

    Nice hotel, great facilities, but the bar staff I found a bit rude.

    Club nights visited:
    Paris by Night at Pacha - Todd Terry, basement jaxx, Bob Sinclair (we left when Bob came on due to illness/not arsed about bobness)
    Heart Closing - Luciano, Louie Vega, sartori, acid pauli

    Best night:
    Heart Closing. Wasn't sure what to expect as never been to heart before. Arrived to a thumping sound system, and a busy dancefloor. Nice surprise to see Luciano on the decks. He put on a decent show, highlight for me was the Pink Floyd shine on you crazy diamond tune, which got a reaction from the crowd. Met Todd Terry on the dancefloor mixing with the non-vips, he was sound with the punters and happy to shake hands and say hello.

    I quite liked heart as a club; decent dancefloor, nice sound system and lighting. VIP area is mostly behind you so you don't see it. The crowd felt like one you get only in ibiza, even if the venue itself feels like it could be anywhere.

    Worst night:
    Friday 6th. I had a stinker of a cold, and a crap flight so wasn't in mood for clubbing. So we just got the whisky in at the hotel to try and clear me out for a good sleep. Don't get me wrong we had a good laugh but I can sit and drink at home. Wish I'd had the energy for clubbing.

    Best bar:
    The rooftop at sol house I guess. Good views and reasonably priced drink.

    Money spent:
    Yes, money was spent. Lots of it.

    Biggest regrets:

    1. Getting a cold and having a tea time flight on a Friday. People getting stupidly hammered on whatever they could. Trolley sold out of most stuff within 30 minutes, I've never seen anyone drink Bacardi with fruit shoot before. Just wasn't in the mood with my cold.

    2. Not photobombing my face into a 'make a heart shape with your hands' those Instagram beautiful people types seem to be taking everywhere you go.

    Going back?:
    Suncebeat Croatia for me next summer but I'll sneak to ibz at some point in the autumn.

    I like October getaways as it's a last chance to get some heat in the bones, and the island still feels alive at that time.

    Top tip:
    Don't take loads of great photos/videos then drop your phone and smash it before you've backed it up.

    Also kids, be careful out there please.

    Yes, drinking and drug taking goes on but you don't have to load up as much as / more than the next guy to have a good time.

    I found myself very worried for total strangers I saw in some absolute states.
  5. craig72

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    Didn't know TOF (tale of foot) played B2B with solly...i would have gone to that...;)
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  6. FallenangelGparsons

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    i miss todd Terry set as recovering chilling in the car, i should check the lineup that may motivate me and came when he finished
    mark Ursa played 06h00 7h00 but not written in time table sayin bob 3 hours set, Mark Ursa was great as i was feeling sleepy along bob set, when music is boring my eyes shut themself quickquly :lol:

    i didnt check Heart closing timetable otherwise i ll leave hi closing early as i miss 30mn from Louie Vega Anana Vega & stayed until the end 12h20 , it was quiet a pain but as long muisic is good its makes me feel awake.
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  7. johndiamond

    johndiamond Active Member

    Todd Terry set at Pacha was mainly old well known and loved songs (inner city, jungle brothers, Armand Vanhelden). Lots of vocals, crowd enjoying themselves and lots of smiles.....not one for the 'purists'
  8. Lumpy.Monkey

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    Happened to me at Hi . . . . they searched everyone, every pocket, every handbag. They said I wasn't allowed my Jelly Beans or cola bottles (all still sealed) but was allowed my Chupa Chups.
    As I started pulling all these from every pocket, they eventually gave up and allowed me in with most of the stash.

    Lesson learnt was to bring much more than needed. Giant fizzy cola bottles are just the best for some energy and the feeling of, well, fizziness :)
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  9. Johnny Vodka

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    Yah, definitely. You wonder what has become of the person who has just been rushed through the dancefloor or out of the club.
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  10. FallenangelGparsons

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    i ll add fizzy cola bottles sweets for ibz 18 trip , it will prevent me from having coke glass :lol:
    energy bars arent allowed in clubs , got mine taking off ushuaia (protein bars aren't allowed in ushuaia; Heart& dc10, i ate then as 3€ a bar no way to give them to staff , i will hide them next time like all people do with drugs :D
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  11. Johnny Vodka

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    Up your bum? :eek:
  12. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    I know a guy who keeps stuff in his beard..:eek:
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  13. FallenangelGparsons

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    Didnt know u enjoy this kind of stuff :spank: each to their own :lol:

    under shoes or pelvis..2 tasty proteins bar u can hold on all the night with 1 bottle of water
    all people gave me drinks and drugs , i had to politely refuse :p xtc given by nice netherland girls as she saw me struggling to be awake,cociane, by ibz mates & i only accept water
    this is the power of (the pirate's) LOVE :D

    enjoy these classics tracks :cool:
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  14. ibizainside

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    Haha great post ^ enjoy these tracks lol
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  15. craig72

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    Protein bars taste bad enough without been stored under a sweaty ball sack..:eek:
  16. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    i' ll find a way to hide 2-3, i will be more powerful than ibz 17 with theses bars (avoid white chocolate one they taste awful), add cola sweets advices by @Lumpy.Monkey
    IBiza 18 , be ready Im BACK (in black :D ), just notice my last to second day, they sell cheap pirate ibz tshsirt in westend,(there are even pirate bars in westend, full of local restaurants i may try all ibz 18) , my next spendings :lol: for me & kids (2 girls 4 boys :eek:)
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  17. Johnny Vodka

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    I get beard jealousy anyway... Imagine having a beard you could keep contraband in.

    I assume you mean drugs and not bits of his previous meal...
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  18. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    how was the music in the club, drummers? any pics that u can share it? or through PM
    it was planned with Attzaro but i forget these events once there :D
  19. Kim Wrong Un

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    thanks for the warning. one to swerve
  20. johndiamond

    johndiamond Active Member

    Whilst I'd have preferred less commercial tunes i have to say the atmosphere among the crowd was one of the best I'd seen in a good while and looking back I had a really fun night.

    Party on holiday + good friends = good times

    For me adding any other pre-requisite elements to that equation could be taking it all little bit too seriously. It's only a night out.
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