Tell us how it was - Ibiza 2017


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Dates you were there: 10-14 May

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): PDB White Island

Club nights visited: Ushuaia Pre Party Ants

Best night: Ants

Worst night:

Best bar: although not busy Tantra & Bora Bora

Best place to eat: Sir Rocco

Money spent: 150 flights - 400 hotel(all inc) and 300 spends

Biggest regret: none - short break

Going back?: September is the plan..

Top tip: As usual, have a few drinks before going to a club if thats what your vice is...34 euro for 2 in Ushuaia is a bit extreme but ive been used to it since 2000..


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Dates you were there: 20-23 may

Where you stayed (resort/hotel):IRH Sa

Club nights visited: defected

Best night: Monday got to bed around 22:30

Worst night: see above

Best bar: Ohio and joe spoons

Best place to eat: a friend of friends bar behind joe spoons that he and his wife run. Good tapas and drink

Money spent: 400-500

Biggest regret: none

Going back?: yes out of season to prove its not a $hithole to mates that were first timers and only saw rubbish all over airport and a few blocks around San Antonio littered with hookers and drug dealers:)

Top tip: don't make plans
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Dates you were there: 25th - 30th May

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Apartment close to Pacha

Club nights visited:IMS Dalt Villa, afters at Pikes, Hï Opening, Cocoon Opening

Best night: For the views: Dalt Villa, musically and crowd: Cocoon

Worst night: IMS Dalt Villa afters at Pikes - full of chavvy kids trying to be cool

Best bar: didn't do any bars

Best place to eat: Only ate out 3 times - Can Terra (not as good as previous years but still worth it 8/10), Sir Rocco (very good but sad to see its now been taken over by Ushuaia 8/10). Enjoy Deli near Pacha - fantastic burger and very reasonably priced 9/10

Money spent: €800

Biggest regret: Not going to Heart Opening or Labyrinth Opening after Dalt Villa

Going back?: 3rd weekend in August

Top tip: If you get a chance to party at Dalt Villa, do it. Such a beautiful location. Just wish they had not tried to cram so many B2Bs in.......


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Dates you were there: Thursday 25th May - Saturday 3rd June

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Jet Arlanza for the first week and then Apartments Club La Sirena. Arlanza has gone downhill a little, but overall still excellent value for money. This was our first time staying at La Sirena and it was very good.

Club nights visited: Music On, Hi Opening, Circo Loco.

Music On - For me this was easily the best Music On I have ever attended. The crowd levels were perfectly busy throughout the night, which most will know is extremely rare for this event. Also the crowd itself was very mixed, but there was a very nice atmosphere. Musically again very good - I was impressed with Paco Osuna's warm up and Carola's set was excellent!

Hi Opening - We arrived just after 6AM. The club was still busy, but it was still OK to navigate around the club from room to room. We caught the end of Nic Fanciulli's set who was OK. We then moved over to the theater for Luciano who was excellent, although ended slightly early (10AM!?). We then finshed off with Apollonia in the club who were solid.

Strangely, I found myself enjoying the room I felt I would dislike, and disliking the room I thought I would like. The theater (despite the VIP pods) is pretty impressive. The lighting and visuals inside are excellent and from where I was standing (front left of DJ booth) the sound quality was good. From where I was standing, where the VIP pods were not in your eye-line its actually not too bad. This was for me the only room that had any atmosphere throughout the night.

The club room was the room that really disappointed me. As previously mentioned I just felt that the warmth from the old soundsystem was gone. Behind Amnesia terrace this was my favorite room on the island, and I really felt that the heart and soul had been ripped out. There was zero atmosphere in this room throughout the night - despite there being some decent music playing. It just felt too clean, polished and poncey. I'm sure this is partly down to me comparing it with the old terraza, but as it only closed a few months ago its hard not to be drawn into comparing thw two.

I only very briefly visited Wild Corner and I quite liked it - but I would need to attend again to give a proper opinion.

Overall some excellent music and the club does have some potential - but I think it is going to take some time before people can begin to accept it for what it is.

Circo Loco - We arrived around 19:30 where D'julz was in fine form in the garden. Tania Vulcano then followed and again played a solid set. However, when Gerd Janson took over things really went up a notch. In my years of attending DC10, this set was the single best I have ever heard. Transitioning between disco, house and techno he had us in the palm of his hand. It reminded me once again just how incredible DC10 garden is on a good night. However, as soon as the music in the garden finished things really took a downhill slide.

Rampa vs &ME on the terrace sounded very disjointed to me. Granted I was only in the room for 20 minutes; but from what I heard it was really poor. Similar with Satoshi Tomile in the main room just sounded awful. With no music in the garden, for the first time ever at DC10 I was genuinely left with no good music to listen too - and this is from someone who LOVES DC10 and Circo Loco. I've never had a single bad experience there before so this was quite disappointing.

Best night: Circo Loco (in the garden)

Worst night: Circo Loco (once the garden had shut)

Best bar: As much as they are not bars as such, Sa Trinxa and Sunset Ashram are two fantastic places for a drink in the day.

Best place to eat: Almost too many to mention on this trip - but Can Pilot, La Bodega, Tapas (San Antonio) and Fish Shack were the standouts.

Money spent: Flights, Hotel and Spending around £1500

Biggest regret: Due to some unfortunate circumstances around guestlist not attending Cocoon opening :(

Going back?: ... oh yes! Saturday 30th September - Wednesday 4th October for CLOSINGS :twisted:

Top tip: Ensure you are 100% prepared for your night before leaving the apartment (guestlist, cash, etc :twisted:)

Before we arrived on the island we had made plans to spend Tuesday 30th at the Atzaro Spa for my sister in laws birthday, so we agreed that on Monday we would call it a night at a reasonable time (around 5AM).

Unfortunatley, as we went to leave Circo Loco around 01:30, an old friend of mine who usually gets us Amnesia guestlist (Cocoon was €25 before 2AM) let me know that guestlist for Cocoon opening was not possible on the night. That being the case tickets would then have been €50 and some of our friends simply didn't have the cash on them for the rest of the night (ticket, taxi, water etc). By the time we got back to our apartment to grab all required bits and debated whether it was worth us paying €50 for 3 hours of Cocoon, was just lost our momentum and ended up getting bent up in a local bar instead.

... so I guess my tip is to not let anything come between you and the events you want to attend, even family :D
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Dates you were there: May, 30 - June 06

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Purple/San Antonio & Jabeque Dreams/Figueretas

Club nights visited: Mosaic, Paic&Ruh@Underground, Beats For Food, Ants@Ushuaia, Black Coffe@Hi, Defected@Eden

Best night: Defected@Eden - what an underrated club - more of it!

Worst night: Ants@Ushuaia & Black Coffee@Hi

I wanted to give a second chance to Ushuaia and try and see the new "super club" Hi - unfortunately both disappointed (again). I'm in general not a big friend of "VIP" clubbing, but they bring it to the top. Moreover the sound systems (Hi!), crowd (both clubs), locations (especially Hi) didn't catch me. Even Henrik Schwarz sounded bad in the "discoteca".

Best bar: -

Best place to eat
: Acqua & Farina/Figueretas (Pizza/Italian) and PadThaiWok (Figueretas) - great money for value (food + cana about 10-15€)

Money spent: about 1.000€

Biggest regret: not going to elrow instead of Black Cofee

Going back?: No detailed plans at the moment.

Top tip: I know that a lot of people don't like to hear that, but think about alternatives, especially as a budget clubber. Free (beach) parties get forbidden, it's more difficult to get guest lists, ticket & hotel prices rise and rise, Playa den Bossa destroys itself. After skipping Off Sonar this year it will be the opposite next year (in my current mood). Moreover there are quality alternatives with ADE, Croatia and now bpm in Europe.


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Dates you were there:may 20 to june 7th (i miss ther plane may 19th)

Where you stayed (resort/hotel):san an Marco polo or Pdb Tivoli or Homeless

Club nights visited:
Groove Odyssey party at Es paradise joey Negro, john morales *****
Rumors Destino ** & Defected Opening at Eden **
Dc10 opening ***
IMS Pacha MAW thE black Madonna ***
Privilege opening ***
IMs Dalt villa **** Lio vintage ****
Ushuaia opening **** amnesia opening *****
sunday at blue Marlin ***** Hi Ibiza **
Zoo project *****
Beats for peace ****
Destino opening ***
blue Marlin Ernest & Frank Barbara Tucker **** elrow opening *** Hi black coffee **
sunday at Blue Marlin with Green VElvet ***** Saga Opening at Heart with NU/Bedouin***
Flower Power **
hotel pikers Mr Doorly ***
Hotel pikes .***.

Best night:Amnesia/Odyssey event (it's all about HOUSE MUSIC) otherwise zoo project Blue Marlin Ibz but its a daytime

Worst night:HI ibz

Best bar:Sa Trinxa Tantra, any pre party bars with kicking music

Best place to eat:Mercat nou (been to cala de hort with spotlights, yemanja my 2 big dinners as no time for dinner )

Money spent:2000 from initial budget (extra single ticket to buy 200€, extra cost for car location 40€ 100€ oil, 95€ the helpdesk car i ve called 2 times)

Biggest regret:going to Hi instead os stayin BMI with all spotlight ive never saw that day as they come late or leaving Elrow to HI with black coffee

Going back?:july 29th to aug 10th with 2 spotlight veterans :cool:

Top tip:Never buy advanced tickets except the one for popular events, that may raise eg IMS (70€) & Dc10 opening (60€), plans may change at last & having tickets wont help to choose the perfect night...
Best pool party: Ibiza sensation at Ocean beach

Best boat party Groove Odyssey boat party

ive stick to my schedule & may add more events if i had mates very willing for the party, i was asking by female spotlight (my french mate had a crush :D) to go with her to cocoon but , in my state of tireness, listening to Techno will Kill me to death profund sleep :spank:, i just drop her in front of amnesia
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Dates you were there: 02 June - 06 June

Where you stayed: Lido Apartments/Figueretas

Club nights visited: Music on opening@ amnesia, solomon +1 @Pacha, Cocoon@amnesia

Best night: 1: music on, good crowd, not too busy and not too quiet, music amazing

2: solomon@pacha - solomon amazing set, loved it, people and atmosphere at pacha I didnt like so much, and solomon +1 bauchel, wasnt feeling him

Worst night: Cocoon! Not busy at all, no atmosphere, Adam Beyer bored me in parts, sven was good near the end when wasnt playing so hard, I was also tired as was last night and didnt dance much

Best bar: - cocos PDB

Best place to eat
: Haddock place in fig and another bar on beach front cant remember the name

Money spent: 700 euros! Baring in mind I already paid for my solomon and music on ticket beforehand

Biggest regret: being too f***ed to charge my phone after music on and letting my phone go off and needing the sim code to get back into my phone. However left, sim code at home in madrid so couldnt access my phone for the rest of the hols! Had a great contact number in there as well. Ended up being desparate and buying off the street and ended up with paracetomol, not impressed!

Also being paranoid at the end of the night, due to too much stuff, horrible!

Going back?: hell yeh! 2 oct to 7 oct- paid for my flight there so far! 20 euro bargain!

Top tip: have a budget and try and stick it! My budget went out the window! Never buy off the street, never again will I do that as always regret it!

Ibiza is amazing as ever! Good parties! Nice people! Cant wait for closings! I love going the other months but best months are sept and oct always something magical in the air for closings cant beat it!


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buy dry ginger at market u wont have drugs works on me & kept me alive & kicking on the dancefloor :cool:

:arrow:the mates that couldn't deal with Drugs..f*** Them
No more holidays with Captain pirate! (2 nd time they piss me off, NO 3rd try) , with drugs people are so selfish, with money scarce they are a pain to deal with...
Do ur own ibz,ur reputation is ruined as a sleepy cat :D
Dont go to ibz, stay home u ll save money :p u can't understand music .. :cool: Don't go to ibz to show off.:p


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Dates you were there: 10-14 May

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): PDB White Island

Club nights visited: Ushuaia Pre Party Ants

Best night: Ants

Worst night:

Best bar: although not busy Tantra & Bora Bora

Best place to eat: Sir Rocco

Money spent: 150 flights - 400 hotel(all inc) and 300 spends

Biggest regret: none - short break

Going back?: September is the plan..

Top tip: As usual, have a few drinks before going to a club if thats what your vice is...34 euro for 2 in Ushuaia is a bit extreme but ive been used to it since 2000..

change of plan - booked up for Aug 10th to 19. perfect way to celebrate my wedding anniversary