Solomun and Jamie Jones and Black Coffee resident djs at XS in Las Vegas this year...

Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by Cool1g, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Cool1g

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  2. Chris L

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    Will be heading out for the future brother in laws stag in less than 2 weeks. Will catch Black Coffee, Guy Gerber, and Kolsch on the first day at EBC which surely has to be the first time some real tech house will be played at that venue. Genuinely looking forward to it as the venue really is outstanding for daytime partying for anyone who hasn't been before. Will report back on what the vibe is like and how the event turns out for those interested.
  3. 00masmit

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    @Chris L Do you have any recommendations other than EBC for Vegas? Last summer me and my friends did L.A/Vegas then Ibiza a month or so later and we are doing the same again this summer. When we were in Vegas last year we did NightSwim at EBC and Wet Republic during the day but we are looking for other things as well this year.
  4. Springal

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    Very much depends on line ups, rather than venues in my experience.

    Personally EBC & Wet Republic are the best 'pool parties' in my experience.

    Clubs always like Xs & Marquee. But again the line ups are so varied you could go to one of those and have a bad night.
  5. 00masmit

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    Thanks. Realistically I know we are not going to find the best lineups in Vegas, just looking to have a good time. Ibiza is the one where you pick and choose nights for the best lineups. We tried Vegas last year and had fun so decided to do it again this year.
  6. Cool1g

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    on occasion Daylight at Mandalay brings in people like Duke Dumond outside of EDC for its pool party so check their lineup the week you'll be in town.

    Marquee pool can be fun but its typically EDM/trance/open format djs no underground outside of EDC week sometimes.

    for big clubs also look at Omnia and Hakkasan besides XS/Marquee. Intrigue is a bit more intimate at Encore as well and can be fun.
  7. Chris L

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    I'd recommend Marquee Dayclub, its always been one of my favorites as well as Daylight also. You can also check out Drais after hours which also sporadically has some house or techno in there. I'm assuming you are going in the summer so pool partys are the main draw which I'd go with the 2 I've mentioned above. Also very much so check out Tacos & Beer slightly off strip, its not a club by no means but merely a restaurant that puts on some house music on Sundays and Techno on Tuesdays, but they do it right and its a good time. There seem to be some smaller promoters popping up out in Vegas but nothing worth noting so far in advance.
  8. craig72

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    Tacos & Beers sounds good..Don't know about Techno Taco Tuesdays:eek:
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  9. Chris L

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    Haha that is literally exactly what they call it.
  10. 00masmit

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    Cheers for the info guys
  11. Cool1g

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    not a bad weekend in Vegas with these djs:

  12. johndiamond

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  13. johndiamond

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    nachouse & tachno

    i should be in marketing
  14. Floyd

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    Anyone know where's best to check for Vegas club listings?
  15. Neo95gt

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    Saw some vids of ADID.....looked awful.

    They really need to stop trying this type of thing in Vegas.
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  16. Cool1g

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    i know a ton of people there this weekend and all having a blast.

    all of the parties are doing well from what I understand with the clubs having to end the parties at 6am with a lot of people wanting more.

    sounds like fun to me - let Vegas have 1 weekend a year of house/tech house/techno lol
  17. Kim Wrong Un

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    about as 'underground' as my attic
  18. AndyFul

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    You have an attic? Very la di da! I have to make do with piling my stuff in the corner of my shared bedroom

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