Solomun and Jamie Jones and Black Coffee resident djs at XS in Las Vegas this year...

Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by Cool1g, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Vegas will never compare to Ibiza for clubbing. Vegas is a completely different place. A place which is fun and has loads of things to do but Ibiza is a special place.Musically and culturally, it's a magical place.

    I thought the clubs in vegas ain't all that. No underground feel to them, just posh places with loads of effects. This is why I don't think Clubbers will ever take vegas serious as a clubbing destination no matter who plays there.

    Ibiza with its strict rules on closing times etc is starting to fall behind places like Berlin on the clubbing front. You can club in Berlin 24hrs a day which is something you should be able to do Ibiza.
  2. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    You're exactly right for the most part. Vegas will never be a clubbing destination but I am not sure it wants to be. It is a party destination, which is exactly my point, if you can get some decent music in there it makes it all the better with the pros it does have versus the cons (currently awful music on a consistent basis).

    I dont know that i agree with need 24hrs a day clubbing in order to be at the forefront but i do understand your point and do think its clear thats never going to happen in Ibiza
  3. To me, with places like berghain being open from a Friday to a Monday is impressive.I just got back from Berlin and loved the fact you can spend as lomg as you want in a lot of the clubs knowing you can leave when you ready with no time restrictions.

    Not only that if you fancy going to a club 10am or 2pm you can do it. Ibiza is missing this.
  4. Thomas Cliche

    Thomas Cliche Member

    Interesting discussion here...

    I've been to Vegas 10 times and I would be really surprise if Black Coffee and Solomun are big succes at there (unless they change their style...).

    Never been to Berlin, but I just LOVE the idea of a club open non stop from friday to monday (unfortunetly Ibiza is going the opposite way...).
  5. Thomas Cliche

    Thomas Cliche Member

    Chris L said : My guess is we will see a lot of the 3 of them in April, May, Oct, and Nov with limited appearances in the summer being their nights in Ibiza mainly run Jun - Sept.

    My respond : The problem is that Septembre is a strong period for EDM in Vegas (reason why David Guetta spend the entire month there, abandoning Ibiza for big $$$$). If Solomun and other Ibiza DJs starts signing with Vegas Clubs, there is a real danger the Island starts loosing big names as early as late August (which scares me ALOT).
  6. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    I agree, but my point is that i dont see Ibiza losing these guys in Aug/Sept. There are too many European festivals that go on and that would cause them to totally bust up their residencies in Ibiza. So I dont foresee them having really any dates in Aug/Sept maybe one if any of them decide to pay the desert a visit for Burning Man and pop in on the way back.

    While the EDM bubble hasn't fully burst in Vegas, it has gone to the wayside a little. As scary as it is trap music is kind of the big fad there right now. But with people moving away from EDM and names and sounds of the likes of Solomun and Black Coffee a little more digestible for a common listener makes me think it will be successful.

    None of them are my favorite, but music selection in Vegas has been pitiful, choices are basically lame, bad, or worse. So the thought of catching Solomun or Black Coffee at XS is very enticing to me as someone who visits twice a year or so.
  7. Thomas Cliche

    Thomas Cliche Member

    One thing is sure Black Coffee and Solomun will be better than Calvin Harris playing Feels at Omnia or Steve Aoki trowing cakes at Hakassan... But will Americans think that way?
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  8. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    What exactly is Trap?
  9. Moha

    Moha Active Member

  10. Thomas Cliche

    Thomas Cliche Member

    Don't know
  11. Thomas Cliche

    Thomas Cliche Member

    Lol, that promotion have always disgusted me. Vivas Las Vegas : Screenshot_20180104-074507.png
  12. CasaNegron

    CasaNegron Active Member

    nice tits on that one...
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  13. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    Loud noise that makes your ears bleed (see diplo, carnage, etc)
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  14. moesalama

    moesalama Member

    ive never been to vegas but i see it as the following

    same to any other place / club / event

    listening to solomun in vegas will be completely different than listening to him in ibiza than listening to him in amsterdam for example

    each place has its own vibe & atmosphere

    for me its never the dj - its the venue / atmosphere / place & time of year
  15. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Never the dj:confused:.. its always the dj..:)
  16. Thomas Cliche

    Thomas Cliche Member

    That's actualy the problem with Vegas...
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  17. spinksy123

    spinksy123 Active Member

    Two things from a DJ. The tracks are decent. And the mixing doesn't sound like the grand national on concrete.

    After that I don't care who it is playing. It's generally only other people's tunes......
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  18. moesalama

    moesalama Member

    u ever went to a richie "enter" even outside ibiza?
  19. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    No im not a fan of him. I usually go to a dj rather than the venue..I never go somewhere that has " We've got 29 djs playing over 32 rooms,all girls all night"..:)
  20. baseballman

    baseballman Member

    So far, Wynn nightlife lineup is out through May 20.

    Black Coffee - 2 dates (March 25 at XS + May 17 Encore Beach Club day party)
    Jamie Jones - 1 date (May 17 Encore Beach Club at night)
    Solomun - 1 date (May 20 Encore Beach Club)

    Given that the majority of these are May dates, I do wonder if there will be more coming over the summer than I initially anticipated. I just find it odd that these guys would want to fly (albeit private) LAS to IBZ.

    I'm also a bit perplexed that there are a good chunk of pool party dates. I'm just having trouble envisioning how any of the three play a proper daytime set to a Vegas crowd. I'm sure they'll make lots of money and they'll sell out the place but I don't see my cup of tea.

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