1. L

    Solo visit 17th to 24th June ‘22 🕺🏻

    Hey! Post breakup solo trip that I wasn’t missing for anything! I’ve booked Pikes, Blue Marlin, Mambos, Martinez Bros, Solid Grooves & Solomon. If anyone is around on these dates and wants to rave, eat and drink around the island with me give me a shout 💃🏻🪩🥂 Lara 28 yo
  2. M

    Selling two August 5 Solomun + 1 tickets

    Bought tickets too early and now Bedouin got announced for the same day! Show is at Pacha on Sunday August 5. I have PDF tickets. I paid 62 euro each ($150 USD for the pair), willing to sell them for less, just want to get rid of them! Thank you!!
  3. C

    Solomun and Jamie Jones and Black Coffee resident djs at XS in Las Vegas this year...

    Don't know how many dates they are playing but happy to see them added as residents in 2018 close by as I'm in LA. the Vegas vs. Ibiza discussion, while beat to death with nothing new to offer IMO...
  4. B

    >>> Talal

    Eighties Further Future Vocal Mix (Soundcloud Link) is an unexpected cross-over as Talal's initial releases came from the melodic London based Techno Therapy Records (Roster includes Max Cooper, Ryan Davis) now collaborating with the talented folk artist Tarq Bowen whose recent releases are...