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sa penya is a beautifull place with curious people, there is a good area with honored people and the poor area with thiefts & lot of crime.
There are a lot problems, mountains of garbage, dirt zones, drugs, animal abuse, contempt water, burglaries, dead animals (cats for example)


in related news.....

Repair Laws
The Town Hall of San Antonio is to introduce a new law which will oblige property owners to keep their buildings in good order.
The law, which is to be launched at the end of the year, will give the administration the right to fine those proprietors whose buildings are kept in a poor state of repair, aesthetically not pleasing, and present a risk to public safety. The councillor in charge, Josefa Costa, said that the main purposes of the law would be to ensure people were safe in rented properties, and that the beauty of the town was not thwarted by poorly maintained buildings.
Costa revealed the fines would vary between €300 and €3,000 and that people would be continually fined until they made the necessary repairs. If this did not happen, then the administration would have the right to put an embargo on the building or even confiscate it.
3 months later ibiza town announces the same new law..... from the ibiza sun:

Building Repairs
The Town Hall in Ibiza revealed tough new laws last week which it hopes will ensure buildings in disrepair are fixed by their owners. The new legislation will give the administration the right to repair the building themselves and then seek the costs from the proprietor of the building.
The plans were revealed on Monday by Councillor for Housing, Marc Costa, and it is hoped they will ensure the now numerous buildings which currently stand in disrepair, especially in the Old Town, will be fixed and cease to be such an eyesore.
The legislation began last week on a trial basis with eight owners contacted by the Town Hall to carry out the much needed work. The proprietors have had an architectural report sent to them which specifies the reforms to be made and a rough estimate of the cost. They will be given a certain amount of time to carry out the work. However if they remain noncompliant the Town Hall will have the work carried out and then recoup the money, along with fines of up to €3,000.

about time.....

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Yes,I know :eek:
Had the hat,waistcoat,cane and the whiskers....
Wasted away, did'nt look like he had long left !


i saw him this morning in vara de rey and he looked fine. bit of a shock to see him with those blue flip flops instead of his cool boots though.....