it would be difficult for him to move in the wheelchair on those steep streets!

he had to leave sa penya and has been living in cas serres all these years... you can easily spot him in cas serres/es vive/figueretas as his daily routione is to go down to figueretas for a stroll!


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So he's still alive :eek: didn't expect that going by the way the thread was going. Good to see some authentic Ibiza characters still around the place.


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Apologies if it seems like a strange question.

I only ask because the in gay district in Gran Canaria a lot of bars are trying to discourage non-gay customers in favour of a 100% gay crowd.

I don't think this is for anything more sinister than them wishing to keep their identity. The impression I got that if their bars got too popular amongst all of the tourists, then eventually their gay customers would go elsewhere for a "gay crowd"

Kind of understandable, and not far different to how a lot of gay establishments are opporating in the UK atm, what with insisting on a "gay majority crowd"
Whatever came of this young whippersnapper?;)