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Just a random guess, but the new announcements for LWE's Sphere events at Magazine (3,000 capacity venue next to the O2 iirc) might be a reason why the focus for the next season for Printworks seems a bit different:
  • Sat. 15/02: Hot Since 82, Eats Everything, La Fleur, Effy, Maya Jane Coles
  • Sat. 22/02: Maceo Plex, Marcel Dettman, Anastasia Kristensen, Matrixxman, Raxon
  • Sat. 29/02: Richie Hawtin, Charlotte de Witte, ANNA, ONYVAA
  • Sat. 14/03: Adam Beyer, Ida Engberg + TBA
  • Sat. 21/03: Patrick Topping, Skream, Melé + TBA

These events are also daytime (2PM-10PM).


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Whats it like for taxis at end of Printworks - 2am I think it finishes

not sure specifically but the night service runs on Jubilee line and part of London overground that stops at Canada Water ... there is a specific Uber pick up point that I spotted last Saturday when we left Anjunadeep


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Fully recommend stay apartments, if anybody after digs to stay. 20 minute brisk walk to the venue. Decent price, clean rooms & there is a shop next door for drinks

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I have no idea who anyone looks like on here - I assume from my vlogs you may know me so please come and say hello if you spot me...

I won't be shirtless


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Solomon also playing for Boneca on Friday

only the £65 a pop if you are going to Printworks and can’t enter until after 2am ... I think they are struggling to shift these ... even for us super fans this is too rich


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Won't be as good anyway, unless you like dancing next to Chelsea boys and Etonians
I have no idea what that even means ? i work with an Estonian/Brazilian girl and she's a great dancer.. So good she was asked to stop dancing with a pole on a night out..?. Another night I missed..


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Have you been to any bonecca events?

I did Guy Gerber at KOKO several years ago. It wasn't for me, but it was busy. Didn't stay late, so maybe the atmosphere improved but it had a noticeable degree of public schoolboy types spending daddy's money