Music On at Pacha & Destino


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Them two together will be ridiculous...that will be unforgettable and I am jealous I am not there for that
Love to hear back about that night
last time I genuinely enjoyed them together was when they played a b2b at love family park afters at cocoon club frankfurt (rip), in 2009 I think. that was a very energetic set and has nothing to do with what/how they play nowadays. 4 or 5 fantastic hours.


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100% This. I only did the Destino part of MusicOn, but I think it was accessible to everyone to be honest. Only for last 30 minutes did he play a few techno bangers, the rest was tech house with some classic house tunes.
What time is carola on when he does Destino?


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Yesterday on Destino Homepage were announced another date for daytime , 26.09.19 Marco + Felix Da Housecat + GUTI ( live )
Also saw it on felix da housecats insta story this morning
The event @ Destino's homepage were only in for a few hours until they cancelled yesterday's one due to the wather condition