Music On at Pacha & Destino


Think it’ll be heading back across to Hi for capriati. Tough choice with Cassy being on at Pacha too right enough.


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A friend of mine with more money than musical taste (he is into claptone or fisher and while out together always asks ‚is this track techno or house‘) went to carola for the first time. and he LOVED it :) tells me a lot about carola sound nowadays but I‘m happy for him haha

100% This. I only did the Destino part of MusicOn, but I think it was accessible to everyone to be honest. Only for last 30 minutes did he play a few techno bangers, the rest was tech house with some classic house tunes.


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Anyone got recommendation on the best way from getting to Destino from SA Bay today other than a taxi? Thanks


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No probs cheers mate, was just thinking there might be a bus from the Bay over that way but didn’t think there was many options to be honest