M&T's Move to Ibiza


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Woaaah, has it been a month since I've written on here? Time flies when you're stuck in a country hey?

Anyways, at this point in time there's only a couple of things to update. We have had confirmation of our repatriation flight today to London Heathrow on 12th July, landing around midday. What I will look to do is literally book onto a flight from LHR the very same day out to Ibiza. We were going to spend a bit of time in the UK with family etc, but because we're now 3 months past the point where we were supposed to already be there, we're kind chomping at the bit.

At this moment in time, airlines from the UAE aren't allowing any hand luggage, and looking around this apartment we have got wayyyy to much stuff to be dealing with, so the next stage is to pack up as much completely unnecessary stuff as possible and either add it to our stored items or send it forward to our friends on the island so we can pick it up right away.

In the meantime, and during our boredom, we've started a podcast that will document everything and we're just getting in as much as we can (with all the restrictions) before we head off! A few more staycations booked between now and the 12th, plus a boat for a friends birthday (at 40% capacity as per the law).


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Life update!

We’ve had confirmation today that Apple travel are being super nice to us and have changed our flights to be MUCH more helpful to our cause!

July 12th - 2:50am

This is great news for us really, as we won’t need to do anything with our luggage at our layover and it’s like 1hr 15 in Amsterdam and straight onto another flight.

So the next few days entail packing a last box to give to our removals company, actual leaving do’s (socially distanced of course) and a couple of chill days before leaving the UAE after 5 years!!! We do need to find somewhere to lay our heads for a couple of weeks while we find a proper apartment to live in and start the whole process of living in a new country!

Where’s good for an Ibiza Sunday Roast? 😉