ibiza gossip 2022


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No surprises here, but TMB b2b Bibi was incredibly busy last night. Left at 04:00 half an hour after they started

Hard for me to give a fair assessment of The Theatre, but the Wild Corner (which generally I am sceptic of) was popping with PVBLIC XCESS who manoeuvred from sing-a-long House classics to dark modern disco and back all night. Full of French and an assortment of colourful characters and I had a fun time in there


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We visited last week but it's not really a cove now? The overhanging rocks have been etched away I think. Still a nice spot for the sunset


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I’m going to visit Ket Cove next month as our hotel isn’t far. Haven’t been down there since 2015. I remember there being an opening/hole in the cliff down there and me and my mate swam through and I grazed my back. It definitely happened, I didn’t imagine it. Anyone done this/seen it/swam through, and is it still there?

Wouldn’t mind being at Cova Santa Tonight for Bob Moses 😁