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Dirk Bigler

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Why do you think that would happen? Could see the opposite tbh with more people wanting their own space.
I don't want to get into another VIP thread as I get people have different views.

I think this for a number of reasons; mainly there will be less money about for a good while, your faux VIP (Bricklayer Wayne from Essex blowing £1,000++ on one night) will better understand the value of money, people will want more from life and actual experiences that aren't reliant on 'likes' and 'will this look good on Instagram?' I think a lot of people will re-evaluate their life and a faux lifestyle probably wont be up there for many anymore. I would also like to think that people have bonded more during these times and will want less boundaries.

I could be completely wrong (and relefecting too much on the previous last big recessions and eighties rave culture), but this is definitely different - a game changer.


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No problems with girls swishing their hair. For some of us that's about the most female contact we get!
Lol.. sometimes it's better.. you don't want to visually and physically disappoint them...
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maybe the estación marítima? where you take the ferry? not sure...or is es tap nou open at this time? 🤔
Was on the way by footfrom Heart . We satoutside , I try to find ...

Edit : It was estación marítima Its open 24/7
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So, I was just looking around the web and noticed a young Spanish woman had some bud on her IG page. I got curious and Googled around to find that cannabis is decriminalized in Spain. I had no idea!

Is Cannabis Legal in Spain?
I don't smoke myself so I'm not entirely sure but I think it's a bit of a legal void as to where you can smoke it (so consumption isn't a crime), but possession as such is illegal. which means that if a copper stops you with a joint, they might take it away (or not even that), but you won't get fined for it. whereas if they stop you and you've got a big amount of it on you (no idea where's the limit), they will fine you.