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Just had a look... not neccesarily opposed to a bit of a cheesy vocal every now and again but that one does sound shite imho.


I put as much as I can on my cards to get the points. Currently paying for my flights to Madrid and ibiza with points plus 2 hotels in Madrid.

Also get the best exchange rate with no fee when traveling not to mention. Extended warranty on purchases, extended return window and a bunch of other benefits. Not sure if it's the same in Europe but in the states youre leaving money on the table by not using cards.

Of course I pay off my cards off in full every month and don't leave a balance but it is a slippery slope and you can. Get into debt very easy
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More O Beach news:

· they're taking over Surf Lounge next to O Beach from october 2019 (so it will stay the same next summer), making it more instagramable and upmarket.
· they're taking over the Escandell building on the fountains square (where the chinese restaurant is), concept to be decided, should be ready by 2020.

American-style restaurant, apparently...


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here are dates for events at destino this summer so far - from what I've heard there should be more dates to be added to this list still so don't look at it as a complete list yet. dates taken from destino website by the way

30th may (opening party)
13th june
20th june
27th june
4th july
18th july
26th july
8th august
22nd august
5th september
3rd october
4th october (closing party)


Gutted Artbat have appeared on that Bodyworks line up, really wanted to catch them somewhere but i'll be at Resistance. IMO most of the DJs listed on that line up are much better than headliners PhatSo. E.g. Cristoph