I feel violated.......


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Oi Nitey did you want your freebie for East Village or not ?!!! :spank:

Dan x

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Poor (old ;) ) Olly must be thinking "wtf have I done?"

Aside from the ironic 'holier than though' post criticising Pup's attitude towards the scouse house scene, I think he's quite spot on in this thread.

C'mon guys, I don't think he's a bad sort, let's ease up on the bandwagon, eh? It's making you look like you've got nothing more important to waste your time on ;)

Keep on trucking fella!

DJ Soulman

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Bugger!!! Haven't been on here for months and just look what I missed!!! :eek:

Worked with Basshunter last February at one of my residencies, played his backing tracks for him. :twisted::twisted::twisted: